Sunday, November 19, 2006

A weekend at the Pidge

"There are 9 of us... that's almost 10!"
"Well, with our big personalities, it's like having an extra person."

Thus the Girls' Second Annual Cabin weekend comes to a close. Me, Mandy, Sarah, Em, Natalie, Rhonda, Mary Anna, Amy, and Lana took off on Friday afternoon/evening (depending on which car you were in) east on I-40 and headed up to the Smoky Mountains for a weekend getaway. Already slightly crowded in the car with 5 of us, and all our stuff, we stopped for groceries and piled them on our laps in the back seat before finally making our way to the quaint "Deer Crossing" cabin.

We handily prepared a simple dinner of spaghetti, salad, and bread, watched MA's friend win a lot of money on Deal Or No Deal, and "chillaxed" in the hot tub before car number 2 rolled in a few hours later. The 9 of us played a fun game of Celebrity Charades, and somewhere around 2am we all finally crashed in our respective sleeping spots. Besides MA & Lana keeping everyone up with their talking and Lady Bug infestation crisis, I think we all slept pretty well. The next morning we cooked breakfast, drove out to Clingman's Dome, and hiked to the highest elevation spot in Tennessee. We were all amazed at the snow covering the shady parts of the mountain side, and Sarah christened her own little spot of yellow snow in the woods before beginning the trek up the mountain! Walking back down the trail, Lana and I decided it would be appropriate to sing "Climb Every Mountain" ... in fact, we pretty much found it appropriate to sing wherever we were- on the porch of restaurants, in the middle of playing board games, in rocking chairs in front of the Applebarn... there was no venue to large, no spot too public for an impromptu sing-along. Luckily Sarah was always there to chime in with her BGV's and sometimes interpretive dance moves.

After hiking, car numero uno- the ones who wanted to head back to the cabin for lunch, hottubbing, and football (yours truly, of course) got about a half mile from the cabin before we came to the stark realization that none of us knew the code to get into our cabin. We frantically dialed the cell phone numbers of the other 4 who were hiking, but to no avail. They obviously would not have their phones with them on a hiking trail! After exploring many options (a broken window split 9 ways would not be that much money), MA called the leasing office as soon as we pulled up the cabin, and luckily they believed us and gave us the code with almost no questions asked. I guess it's a good thing we weren't robbers.

Meanwhile on the trail... the other girls realized mid-hike that we wouldn't be able to get into the cabin so they high-tailed it back tot he car and cut the excursion short as a result. All's well that ends well however. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, and headed into Pigeon Forge that night for dinner at The Old Mill Stream restaurant. The first thing our super-awesome server said to us after we were seated was, "I've had dreams like this!" We giggled appreciatively (not Chortled, mind you.) (PS, we have found a word that Sarah doesn't like that I DO... there are others we discovered as well, but 'twould be wrong to put them here. Perhaps on another site- ThaT AIN'T right for example). Seriously though, we 9 gals can be a lot for one man to handle, and during dinner we wanted for nothing. The food came out quickly, our glasses remained full the entire time, and even splitting the checks was no hassle whatsoever. Server-Boy came up one time as we were discussing the outcome of the Ohio State-Michigan game and as he overheard part of our conversation he exclaimed incredulously, "you watch football too??!!" Apparently guys in Nashville take it for granted that while we are girly girls too, many of us follow sports passionately. Maybe in other places that is not the norm for the female population, but here in the south it seems to be a requisite to watch football, and we're all proud of our heritage.

After dinner was game night back at Deer Crossing, and this morning we created our own worship service in the living room. I joked that this morning we were all going to the "early service" since we had to be up, packed, and ready to start by 8am. On our way out of town we enjoyed a hearty breakfast at where else, the Applebarn, and shopped for a few hours at the outlet mall before finally making our way back to middle Tennessee. Sarah played DJ for us on the way home and led us down a walk down Memory Lane by serving up a smattering of early 90's hits from Mandy's cds, and we amazed ourselves by remembering all the words to TLC, Boys II Men, "Snoopy Dogg Dogg" and many more, singing at the top of our lungs in between laughing at ourselves.

It was every bit the relaxing weekend I had hoped for. Now all I have to do is unpack!!


Sarah said...

I retract what I've said in earlier comments: THIS is my favorite post of 2006. Yayyyyy Pidge!

And yayyyy Amanda. I really, really heart your blog; I live vicariously through yours.

Mary Anna said...

Two weekends later, I'm finally washing my clothes from the trip. And what do I find sprinkled amongst my skivvies and underthings? A bunch of dead (or most likely hibernating) ladybugs. Gives whole new meaning to the phrase, "taking little bits of the Pige-Gat back to Middle Tennessee."