Monday, November 13, 2006

Fall is for Football

This weekend was a good weekend for football on many different levels- high school, collegiate, and NFL. Lucy, Let me splain.

Ravenwood High School won their playoff game and are in the process of making a run for their second straight 5A state championship. Mom lives and breathes RHS football so she's pretty pumped. This weekend while I'm off gallivanting in the mountains, Ravenwood will travel to Hunter's Lane to take on the big, bad metro school. Go Raptors (and I don't even know 'er)!!!

On the collegiate level, pigs are flying somewhere because Kentucky is now ranked #2 in the SEC east, ahead of Tennessee. No, you did not misread that. Thanks in part to Kentucky whooping up on Vanderbilt, and UT losing to Arkansas, the unthinkable has happened. Pause for a moment while I grumble about the fact that even though Vanderbilt is a local team, no TV station or local drinking establishment even, was showing the game on TV, so dad and I were relegated to listening to the 2nd half of the game on streaming audio in front of the computer. Fun times. Kentucky is now bowl eligible following this Vandy win, and we have what should be an easy non-conference game this weekend, and then finish out the season with a trip to Knoxvegas in what could be a great game for UK.

Finally, MA & I spent a chilly afternoon cheering the Titans to a one point loss against Steve McNair's Baltimore Ravens. It was a tough defeat since we led the entire game when we were predicted to lose, but all it took was one bad call for our home team to lose momentum, and a blocked field goal was all she wrote. MA and I did enjoy befriending the cutie-patooties near us (it's amazing how a UK hat can spark many a good conversation), and I did have a blast even though we did end up losing the game. A few hours later, I thawed out and my body temperature climbed above 90 degrees.

I would have to say that football is one of Fall's better attributes, though I could do without the brisk air for which Fall is synonymous. (Football in 75 degree weather is ideal for me!)


Anonymous said...

in pre-weekend football goodness, louisville lost to rutgers as the two then-undefeated teams battled it out for the ranking in the big east as well as the bcs. gotta love rutgers. go scarlet knights!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Rutgers? Don't they have a vaccination for that now? HA! My endearing manner charms even me sometimes.

Glad to see a new post; I was ready to suggest you rename this blog "Diva Dormant" (accent on 2nd syllable, for class). Not that I'm one to talk, but then I haven't built up your level of loyal readership yet.

Amen to the temperature preferences for attending football games...or any activity involving sitting outside for extended periods of time (without a date, anyway). I've been known to take those packets hunters use that heat up when you shake them (some kind of chemical process, I assume), and stick them in my shoes and other vital places to keep warm for a chilly game at Neyland Stadium. This was pre-9-11 (WAY pre-9-11); don't know if you'd get through the gate with them now.

Mary Anna said...

No need to relish Vandy's loss... Let's just focus on the positive.

Had a fabulous time with you yesterday, scopin' out the gents(both on and off the field).

MamaB said...

RAPTORS, Go Raptors Go!!! Don't worry, I will keep you informed by texting you the score!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the fact that UK is in 2nd place! Go Big Blue!!!!

- Big Blue Barry