Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A UK win: music city bowl to my ears

New Year's Eve was the perfect day for a little football. The University of Kentucky Wildcats took on the Florida State Seminoles in the Music City Bowl. We carried on our tradition from last year by grabbing a bite to eat before the game at Big River Grill, and Ellen and her new fiancee Jason came in for the game. Laura, George, and George's brother-in-law and sister were all in the same section as we were- thank goodness for FSU suspensions that hit just in time for Florida State to give up a bunch of their tickets and allowed Kentucky fans to snatch them up after the game had been previously sold out.

It was a sloppy game on both ends and very slow moving (almost 4 hours long!). Despite all the predictions that UK would win, it came down to the last possession with the final score of 35-28, UK, so we never really could relax and relish in our victory.

As of this posting, the SEC is 5-2 in bowl games, with Georgia well on their way to beating Hawaii making it a likely 6-2.

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