Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Charlie Wilson's movie review

I had one last Carmike movie pass to use up before the end of 2007 so Mom and I went to see Charlie Wilson's War. I'll admit, the biggest draw for me was the all-star pairing of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts who amazingly, had never worked on a film together before. These two are easily some of my favorite actors so I had to catch their on screen charisma. Phillip Seymour Hoffman's performance was an added bonus.

Based on a true story about the Texas congressman, Charlie Wilson's War chronicles the US involvement in Afghanistan in the late 80's as part of the Cold War. I was shocked by how many millions of dollars went into a war we supposedly never fought, and was saddened by the end result, the repercussions for which we are still paying. Granted it's Hollywood's spin on the facts, with an obvious parallel on our modern involvement in Afghanistan, but it's like I was asking Brian tonight, sure, I know I can't base my political opinions by what I see in movies, but when the media gives such a slanted or lacking view on a particular topic, then where is Joe-Schmo American supposed to get their information?

From a purely entertainment standpoint, Charlie Wilson's War was educational although the plot details could be a tad hard to follow at times for a person not understanding the politics of the day. Hanks and Roberts performances as larger-than-life Texans were delightful, and Hoffman was perfect comic relief as the rough-around-the-edges CIA operative. Despite being a political commentary, the movie had a hearty helping of laughable moments thrown in making a film bout the Cold War somehow fall into the category of comedy. I think it's worth the laughs and to see he actors' performances in this one. Bradley & Bradley give Charlie Wilson's War two thumbs up!

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