Friday, September 14, 2007

Bored beyond belief

I think I'd be more entertained watching paint dry today. Nothing about my job today is engaging me, and all I can do is count the hours down till I can hit the road, jack. We're just under 2 hours! Woo hoo!

Anyways- we all have those days where we would rather do anything BUT work, so I thought I'd share my favorite ways to waste time, and make this an interactive game by asking you readers, and perhaps even you silent lurkers, to join in the fun and list your own favorite ways to waste time during the work day! You might know of some things I hadn't thought of, and could desperately use on a day like today!

Ok, I'll go first:

1. check myspace/facebook
2. check my email
3. get up and talk to co-workers and distract them from working
4. rinse out my dirty dishes from breakfast and refill my water bottle
5. check my email again
6. read the headlines on my yahoo homepage
7. check my other friends' blogs
8. my guilty pleasures- pinkisthenewblog and thebeautyaddict
9. take a bathroom break
10. check my email... again

Now your turn! What are your best vices to cure boredom?


MamaB said...

I check my netflix queue, read my yahoo email, look at msn headlines, walk up front to check my mailbox,and that's about it. Closer to Christmas, I do Christmas shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

I do not have the luxury of wasting time at work since there are usually hungry customers but this is how I waste time online.
1. MSN Headlines
2. Look at the weather in cities I could rather be in
3. Email
4. Facebook
5. Myspace
6. Whentowaiter (my work website)
7. DivaDomain!
8. Look at Dachshund websites

Mark Kelly Hall said...

I just read this blog, over and over, and think. That's most of a day, at least. : D

Here's something to keep you occupied next time you get bored (and to remind you of how old I actually am)...try to find me in my elementary school pics: a bonus, find a potential future star of "Hairspray" in the first grade pic (1970-71).

And notice my humble admission to my status as "The Student" in a couple of the class lists. If I'd been prideful, see, I wouldn't have let anyone think that I thought I was the smartest one in the class, for fear they'd think I was proud. I did have the test scores to back up my claim (sometimes), especially on those fill-in-the-circle tests, through the PSAT's...but still...pretty embarrassing now.

Sarah said...

For starters:


Happy Monday!!!

TBSE said...

My favortie websites of all time...
your blog

That's about it...

Anonymous said...

shopping is always a good thing b/c at least you get something done. i also check my bank statements to make sure everything is in line. other than that, i'll read (abfab) or other random blogs. one favorite pasttime is walking down to the store here at work and just looking around. it's a good excuse and i can say that i'm researching product.

Lisa said...

1. check email- work and hotmail
2. check myspace
3. cnn headlines
4. espn headlines (depending on the season)
6. (lately, new obsession)
7. talk to co-workers
8. bathroom break, repeat #7
9. DivaDomain (of course)
10. eat something sweet...