Sunday, July 06, 2008


It's funny how once you have a child, suddenly you see the world with a new set of eyes- the eyes of a mother.  We set off fireworks in front of our house on the 3rd, and the entire time I could not relax because I worried about a stray rocket coming Bradley's way.  Same thing with the night of the 4th when we were in a park in Pensacola to watch their fireworks show, and people throughout the crowd were setting off their own fireworks before the show began!  The entire time I was on guard, ready to dash in front of any rogue roman candle that was headed towards Bradley's carrier.

This morning in church I had a little different experience seeing the world with my new mother-vision.  We closed the worship set with "In Christ Alone" (finally!  a song I, along with the rest of the congregation, knew!).  I've sung that song a thousand times before.  I love it, and its words speak powerfully to me, but today a few lines stood out to me in a way they never have before:

In Christ alone who took on flesh, fullness of God in helpless babe

As I looked down at sleeping Bradley in his carrier (we have an angel child by the way, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom- he really is that good of a baby that every time we take him out, he sleeps peacefully in his carrier no matter where we are!), anyways, as I gazed lovingly at my son, it occurred to me for the first time what it really meant for Christ to come and surrender himself to becoming an infant, dependent on his earthly parents for every need when He himself was the savior of the world.  Immediately I became humble as I thought of all the care it takes for me to meet Bradley's every day needs, and how Jesus entered into this world and gave up his role as King and Lord so He could live a mortal life from beginning to end in the perfect sinless way to lead us by example.  He didn't have to do that, but it was Christ alone who chose to take on flesh and become a helpless babe for us, for me, for you.

Talk about being humbled!  I was... I am.


Katie said...

Amen sister! I know exactly how you feel. Try watching The Passion again and pay special attention to the part when Jesus is carrying the cross and Mary has flash backs to when he was a little boy... I promise you it will break your heart... um so maybe on second thought... don't try watching it again. :)

MamaB said...

Yes, until you become a parent yourself, you never truly understand what sacrifices God made for us because you see it in a different light. You will protect little B until the day you die whether it be from a stray firework, a bump in a restaurant, a fall from when he is learning to walk or even an unkind word or action toward him...that is what we do as parents. And when you hear or read the Bible stories about how God asked people to sacrifice their children, you will hear those stories totally in a different light as well. That to me is one of the greatest gifts we have as parents.
I miss you.

Travis and Amber said...

I found your blog on your facebook page...hope you don't mind...What an amazing revelation...thanks for sharing, I've never thought about that when singing that song.

Conley said...

Yes, and think of God relinquishing his parental power by subjecting Christ to becoming human. God's first nature is to protect all of us from harm, and put His very own son in the line of fire, knowing from the very beginning what would happen. It really is incredible the kind of sacrificial love that takes. And the fact that He did it freely, to tell us that He loves us just as much as His own and that He would willingly die to protect us. Incredible!

emmysue said...

You're going to make a great already do!