Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Howl-oween costumes

Click HERE to see some chosen CNN viewers' pets dressed up in their Halloween costumes. And of course, as our favorite man about town used to always say, there's always a Nashville connection (Brad About You, we miss you in the Tennesseean! Please come back- Heather Byrd doesn't know what she's talking about) - anyways, Number 6 is Archer J, the dog-nephew of my BF Heather. I must admit though, Number 2 dressed up like Don King is my favorite. I feel sorry for the animals, but boy are they cute!


Mark Kelly Hall said...

Ulp...sorry...got a little sick there...I think I'll (ULP!) be OK...


Guys who dress their cats...poor pathetic creatures...and I feel sorry for the pets, too! HA!

BTW, Beverly Keel is the one who replaced Brad. Neither one can be accused of hard-hitting journalism, but I think I prefer him too. Sure, Al Gore is internationally famous, but we don't have to hear about him 2-3 times a week.

And in case it's ever important enough to you, it's spelled "Tennessean." I realized that after sending more than one application to Nashville while I was still in Chattanooga, spelling it with two e's near the end (as common sense would suggest)...bragging about my grammar and spelling! Shockingly, I got no replies on those. Live and learn.

Anonymous said...

i'm less of a cynic. the pics are great! i think i know just the perfect costume for sherlock.

MamaB said...

We used to dress Lucky, our German Shepherd, in a "Mr. Bones" costume that was a hit with all the little trick or treaters. And he looked so good in it and never seemed to mind being dressed up!!