Sunday, October 28, 2007

a diva halloween

I enjoyed the lovely fall weather today (yes, that's right, I said it ... it was a gorgeous fall day in TN) by carving pumpkins over at the Franklin branch of Chateau Bradley with Laura.

I had planned carefully what I wanted to carve this year- a sassy diva pumpkin with full lips, and eyes sculpted with arched brows and big lashes- a pumpkin worthy of her picture to be posted on this blog. (Hey, if a girl can't spend all year planning what she wants to be for Halloween anymore, at least she can map out the details of her prospective jack-o-lantern in advance!)

Laura haphazardly created and carved, and came up with a delightfully silly creation, complete with protruding nose! Here we are with our finished products, that will likely get smashed by the mischievous children of Franklin on all Hallow's Eve.


Anonymous said...

wow... 3 blogs in one sitting. i feel blessed to have you back on the wagon.

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Nice pumpkin! Maybe you could make a red Jello mold of lips for an extra touch. Or a candy apple?

During your blogging hiatus, I had to look elsewhere to meet my vicarious's one you and your readers might enjoy:
(look for the post called "When Bad Purses Happen To Good People")


MamaB said...

It was fun having you girls over to carve pumpkins again....just like old times. You all carved and I roasted the seeds and then ended up throwing them away just like daddy said I would!