Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't step on my Big Blue suede shoes

Really, I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I've said nary a word on here about Kentucky basketball this season because our preseason was so abysmal, and I had low expectations for this year's team. (Well, relatively low- any die hard UK fan believes deep down that their team will win the ncaa tournament every year, and is thoroughly disapointed if this doesn't manifest.)

I'm afraid I'm jinxing UK but I can't help myself- we have now won 5 in a row, and are about to play Vanderbilt again tomorrow, a team we fought tooth and nail for a win the first time around this season. Maybe Billy G is finally hitting his stride? True, our wins haven't been the "typical Kentucky" wins that fans prefer- the blow outs where UK outscores their opponents easily and the question of "will we win this game" never surfaces- but still, a win is a win, and for a team fighting for its rightful place in the tournament of March Madness at all, we'll take it!

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J said...

Well sweet D you can begin posting till you burst, literally. our fledgling pussycats have been transformed into a burly, bustling and boisterous bunch who are ready to slug it out for forty minutes come heaven or highwater. the star for this group is just heating up. no telling where it it falls. all catfans wish upon their star and hope it lands in san antonio with a big splash.

the best thing is is that there is now a star to wish upon. before it was just space dust i believe. give them fellow nashvillains :) a blue day to remember today (tomorrow? when you read this) as our boys break down the Dores in that town. hopefully you are present to witness it. it is sure to be a spectacle.

good luck with the pregnancy. just think...your kid will be growing up in another goldenblue age of uk athletics. ahhhhh life is good. :)

sounds bloody cheeky i know but it has been a while since those words were able to flow from the tips.