Sunday, February 03, 2008

The SuperBlog

For the first time ever, we're blogging in real time during the Super Bowl. Stay tuned into your webpages here for up-to-the minute commentary on pre-game, commercials, half time entertainment, and the game itself


My family and I were delighted to catch the 4th annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! Much more entertaining than the talking heads, the Puppy Bowl is a football-field -decorated play area where puppies of all breeds run around and play together. Referees come in from time to time and throw penalty flags for unsportsmanlike conduct and make puppy substitution, and you can vote online for your Puppy Bowl MVP!


Performed by Jordan Sparks, last year's American Idol... sounded good, but she obviously was singing along with a pre-recorded track of herself. I get so tired of hearing people lip sync just so it will sound better. Whatever happened to real-live performances? I was way more interested in her black-tipped french manicure that complimented her sleek black dress.

Only a few minutes till kick-off, and to clarify my stance on the great quarterback debate, Eli Manning is just precious- I look at him and just want to pinch his cheeks! Tom Brady on the other hand is more of a man's man, and I'd like to pinch his (ahem) Other Cheeks ;o)


5:37pm... 2 Patriots injured already, Manning's already made a few completions. The first commercial break was dull- a fire-breathing cat-allergic bud light one, and an homage to the Godfather in an Audi commercial... yawn. We have already decided that we hate the robot graphic that Fox is using for every break.

6:02pm- the Giants scored first with a field goal, but the Patriots retalliated at the end of the first quarter with a TD of their own. We all agree the gray pants for both teams are lackluster. Noteworthy commercials so far were the Diet Pepsi Max one with Chris Katan and the Night at the Roxbury "what is love song," and the Bridgestone tire one with all the animals screaming.


Pats lead 7-3 despite Tom Brady getting sacked 3 times already. The Giants' defense is all over him like white on rice. The Justin Timberlake pepsi commercial was amusing, but my new favorite was the t-mobile one with Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade. Stay tuned for Tom Petty's half-time show review.

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- For a bunch of old white guys, they had good crowd appeal and sounded great. Much better than last year's Prince escapade. A pretty no frills half time show- just good music, and a bunch of jumping football fans trying to get on tv.

8:59pm- well, after we here in the Bradley household thought the Patriots had sealed the deal, but with 35 seconds to go, Eli Manning connected with Plaxico Burress to go up 17-14. This has been a low-scoring, relatively boring game thus far, and just got good here at the end. I will be happy no matter who wins- I'd like to see Eli follow in big brother's footsteps, but it would also be a feat to see the Patriots complete the elusive perfect season.

9:03pm. Holy Crap- the Giants have just won the Superbowl and beaten the unbeatable New England Patriots!


Boring commercials, boring game... but a great upset finish to the 42nd Superbowl. The Manning brothers get back to back Superbowl wins. This is is your official Diva blogger, signing off!


Anonymous said...

i am sitting right next to you as you blog.

Anonymous said...

for those of us that didn't watch the game, i feel like i didn't miss a beat...

now, i can follow along in water cooler conversations this week. Thank you DIVA domain!

- hd