Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time Out!

I can now say with confidence that we are in the throws of the Terrible Twos. (Please, Lord, let this be just a phase!)
Everything is a battle these days. The simplest request turns into a twenty minute challenge. We've been implementing time outs more stringently to try and curb the blatant disregard for following directions. Yesterday we caught Bradley putting his toys in time out, as is evident by the Fisher Price man who Bradley sat in a chair, and faced against the wall. Let's hope this role play means he's getting the message!!


MamaB said...

Yes, when I heard him say "time out" and pick up the little chair and put the little guy in it and then proceeded to put him facing the barn....it was all I could do not to crack up laughing!! He definitely knows what time out is..let's just hope he figures out that he doesn't want to be there!

Rhonda said...

oh my gosh that is stinkin HA-LARIOUS!!!!