Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Fairest of Them All

Yesterday we took advantage of the fair weather, and spent the late afternoon & evening at the Williamson County Fair.  Unfortunately, upon walking in, we realized that our free tickets were for NEXT Saturday, and thus we would have to pay the $6 fare to enter.  We asked the ticket people if they would honor the free tickets, but they weren't being fairy nice (work with me here on the puns) and said "no."
Here's our crew walking into the fairgrounds

I was so excited for Bradley to ride the kiddie rides.  I started off riding the carousel with him, and should have realized by my fair-skinned son's trepidation on this tame ride that the others were not going to be welcomed with grins.
One of the greatest aspects of the Williamson County Fair was that there were a fair amount of activities for the kids.  They had a really cute hands-on activity where the kids put on smocks and were given a basket to go through the different stations and 'pick' produce, 'feed' the animals, and 'sell' their stock in the market. 
Here, B is watering his corn that he just planted
posing with the fake cow
"milking" the cow
At the end, after "selling" their produce at the market, kids were given a fake dollar to "buy" something at the general store.  They were given the choice of an apple (pick the apple, Bradley!), animal crackers, a carton of milk (mmm, that apple sure does look tasty doesn't it?), or an ice cream sandwich.  Knowing me, and knowing my son, which one do you think Bradley chose???  He earned that ice cream sandwich fair & square.  We shuffled him through that exhibit and I know he didn't really know what was going on, but it sure made for some great photo ops!
Relaxing in the rocking chair with his "purchase"
Another great photo op:  my mother, the cow; my son, my little piggie; and my dad, the sunflower
Speaking of little piggies, Laura in particular, who has always had a fondness for pigs, was tickled pink at the sight of these petite porkers

Although I think B enjoyed petting this fair mare, I think he was more intrigued with the little girl holding the reigns!

THIS is what happened on Bradley's first (and only) venture on a carnival ride solo:

Sharp shooters:  George, Laura, & Dad try their hand at a game
Unless someone had a fairy godmother, they weren't going to win this game, with guns that shot erratically on purpose.  None of our three won a prize, as you can see their sheets here:
Of course we sampled the fried fare, but I was too thirsty to remember to take any pictures.  Laura & George each paid $9 for their unfairly-overpriced sandwiches.  I slurped down a fresh squeezed lemonade, and some fries, and mom shared her corndog with B.  I believe a combination of the sugar, fried food, and heat left us all feeling less than fair afterwards. 

Away to the Tilt-A-Whirl we went anyways.  The guys stood by & watched as we three ladies took a turn.  Literally.  We got our car spinning so fast the first go-around that we all thought we would be sick, much like the kids in our favorite movie The Sandbox, as mom said.  (She mixes up names of stuff a fair amount).
Later mom & I used up our last tickets and rode the fair favorite once again.

Laura & I rode another favorite, the Scrambler.  Lucky me, I got to be on the inside of the cart, getting squeezed and jolted with every turn.
Bradley tried his hand at fishing.  This is where I spotted the greatest That-Ain't-Right moment ever, but failed to catch the offense on film.  The lady working this game was on her cell phone, smoking a cigarette while my child and others fished for prizes.  She seemed neither convicted nor concerned about her atrocious actions, and we and other parents stood patiently with our children while she finished her smoke break and phone call so we could legitimately retrieve the prizes our kids had won.
B proudly displays the blue dog he picked out
We listened to some good bluegrass music, and apparently were treated to the national clogging champion, who improvised a little dance on stage.  I looked everywhere for TAR moments, but aside from these rednecks leaving the fairgrounds at the same time we were (please pay close attention to the shirt on the middle woman), there really was not that much fair fodder for the TAR blog; definitely not the abundance of gems that the Wilson County Fair offered.
What set the WCF apart for me was the air-conditioned arena where several displays were set up, including a live music stage (I do not include the live music as part of my accolades.... it sounded like bad kareoke), but also had plenty of picnic tables where patrons were able to enjoy their fair fare in the cool AC and, this is key, use indoor bathrooms!  THIS is what makes the Williamson County Fair in my mind, the fairest of them all!

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