Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Fun (Evans)villed Weekend

We spent last weekend with family in Evansville, and I'm just now getting around to the recap!  (Working full time is exhausting, PS!)

Mom's baby brother, my uncle Michael, lives in Evansville with my aunt Missy (a fellow Delta Zeta), and their three kids, my first cousins, Braedon (age 11), Garrick (age 5), and Addison (age 3).  After our big fourth of July get together, Bradley had been talking about "Indiana" and his cousins (2nd cousins?... 1st cousins once-removed?...) ever since, so we decided another visit was in order.

We drove up on Saturday morning in time to watch Braedon play in his football jamboree.  There he is in orange, #66 about to kick the ball.  Bradley and Addison ate ring pops, and cheered for the game.

Later on back at the house, we colored out front with sidewalk chalk.  See the bottom left picture here- Addison asked me to draw a house, so I did.  I drew "little pink houses for you and me."  The bottom right picture is the aftermath of dad hitting mom in the head with a football, in a non-accidental throw!  There's also some great video footage of the rant as well in the compilation of footage taken from the weekend. 
What happened was that Dad and Braedon and Michael were throwing a football, and mom had a bike helmet on that Bradley had dragged out.  Dad thought it would be funny to hit her in the head with a football since she was "protected."  What ensued was hilarious.  The football hit mom squarely on the head, knocking the helmet to the ground, and it apparently hurt, too, but we were all too busy laughing!
Saturday night we went to an Evansville local pizza place and micro-brewery called Turoni's.  The beer was good, and the pizza was delicious.  Here are pictures from that night with both uncle Michael and aunt Missy.  Bradley and Addison played great together, as B is still too young to care that he was playing with "girl toys."  The two of them snuggled in bed together for a photo op before we split them up to sleep that night.  The picture on the couch is of all the kids on Sunday morning.  It's darn near impossible to get all of them to look at the camera and smile at the same time, so between the two tries I had, this was the best one of all the cousins.
Sunday was spent outdoors in the back yard enjoying the glorious weather.  Michael set up the pools, and the kids had a blast going down their makeshift water slide and jumping on the trampoline.  Bradley started out cautious around the water, and before it was time to go, he was gleefully sliding down from the top of the slide into the pool.  You can see mom got splashed in the top left photo, and the top right is of Garrick landing in the pool.  Their dog Ginger enjoyed laying out in the sun, but she did not enjoy going down the slide (scroll to 6 minutes in the video for that footage).
Thank you Michael & Missy, for a great weekend!  I'm so glad we're only a few hours away, and hope to get together again soon!

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