Saturday, October 02, 2004

quick hello

oh how i miss my pink blog, my friends and family, and my own computer!!! sharing a computer with a lineof people waiting to use it is worse than sharing a bathroom! just wanted to say hi- no baboons chasing me today so that's good. Actually, no interaction with the wildlife, but we did have some interesting combinatrions of pizza for dinner! It stinks that all the football games aren't coming on till way after we're in bed but I know there will be thsoe who check the TN score early tomorrow morning before church. Go Cats, Go Vols, I love you all and miss talking to you. You stay classy, USA!


MamaB said...

what about the "snakes" that the Mark guy talked about in his blog entry???????you DIDN"T mention that--just the scorpion. Please be careful!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry to send bad news, but uk got romped by ohio...who loses to ohio? we're going for a 1 and 10 season. i can feel it. we are such overachievers when it comes to football. who cares, though, right? basketball starts in 11 days!!!!! i'm so excited. we have to have b-ball parties when you get home. i love you! ~ari

jillymae said...

i can't tell you how much fun i had this past weekend sharing the "sopapilla" story. there are people in MO that now know how hilarious you guys are! =)