Friday, October 01, 2004

Dang you Digital Mastery!

I had a good-sized blog started on here about whether I'm a moocher for never paying for my own lunch when I go out with co-workers/managers. They don't mind paying the tab and they have the bigger paychecks anyway! Then I got this junk mail from Digital Mastery about attending a Photo Shop seminar in like, Toledo or some crazy place. So I clicked their link to get off the mailing list and it proceeds to override my post-in-progress and take me to their website. That is a pet peeve, when the links don't open in a new window!!! So thanks to Digital Mastery you are getting the cliffnotes of my blog.

My parents are coming into town today. They should be here in a couple hours. Last night I was really not feeling in the mood to host them for 9 days, but today I'm a little more excited about it. I know, 9 days is a LONG time! I should charge them 1/3 rent huh?? The funny thing about that is that they actually do pay my electricity bill while they are a way. See, they like it cold in the house, and by cold I mean ABSOLUTELY 100% NORTH POLE FREEZING. Good thing my winter clothes are still out. So anyway, they usually leave me some money to make up for the increase in the bill from the A/C. I hope I don't jinx them this time. ("JINX! You owe me a Coke!") I've made a short list of activities for us to do while they're in town. Mom wants to go look at the changing leaves (not that there's many yet) and go dancing - not at the same time of course. Yeah that would be funny though :)

Time to get back to work. I just picked up the phone from a sales guy and was reminded of why I screen my calls. There probably won't be a blog this weekend, sorry folks. Pray for Amanda and the rest of the SA team. Remember to stay updated on their blog, which is under the "Blogs I Read." Stay classy South Africa. Watch those backwards drains with giddy delight.

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