Friday, October 29, 2004

Guest Appearances

Hi everyone! Today at the office, we have a sumo wrestler, a disco diva, the scarecrow, a tourist, a pimp, Snoop Dogg, a cowgirl (yours truly), and a chef (oh wait....that's not a costume).

Yep, it's Halloween costume day at work! My manager was supposed to be a fellow cowgirl but she stood me up!!! One of our company values is "Yeehaw!" (long story) so I told our executive team that I was dress up as the Yeehaw Value for Halloween, hehe. Brownie points much?

My friend Rick's sumo wrestler costume actually has a fan running inside of it to keep him "inflated." Betsy is the scarecrow and she has gone ALL OUT, it's so cute! Tonight is our office Halloween party for families (and non-families) but I am missing it because I am going on the church retreat - but hey that's okay! Christmas parties are just around the corner. ("...and you don't OWN the phrase 'Around the Corner'!" movie quote trivia.)

The smell of permanent marker is moving through the office thanks to my efforts to "make" my OTHER Halloween costume. Nope, I can't tell you what it is. You never know who might be reading this and then it would ruin the suspense. And I hate it when people ruin the suspense. I will just say that we're "on the track" to winning the costume contest....MWAH HA HA HA HA!

But yeah this stench is really getting to me. You know there's people out there who like that smell to but they mus' be crazy. I do like the smell of gas, and paint, and matches just after you blow them out. I don't like fresh cut grass, coffee, or white-out. or Sharpies. (not to be confused with Shar-pei's)

What are some funky things that you people like the smell of? or hate the smell of?


emilyb said...

You've Got Mail! Yeah, I finally got one! I LOVE the smell of men's cologne.

Anonymous said...

i totally hate the smell of white out and flouride (from the dentist). they both make me go into cold sweats. i don't know why. but, i've always liked the smell of gasoline. i'm weird. what can i say. ~ari

Amanda said...

AH! So many things to respond to!! Where do I begin??

Well I also earned brownie points at work today by dressing up like the boss (thank you jeremy king for the sweatervest!) but I still got jipped out of winning the costume contest- what is THAT all about?

I won't give the movie trivia away, but let's just say not winning the office costume contest is "very a Baby Gap."

I love the smell of beach-ball plastic (you know, the 99 cent blow up ones you used to get at K-mart), Sharpeis (not to be confused with Sharpies), coffee beans, gas fumes at the gas station, a cake baking in the oven, and boys with yummy cologne on :)

I do NOT like the smell of brocoli cooking (even though I love to eat it- go figure), fresh-cut grass, seafood of any kind, or the lawnmower gas smell

Rhonda Lu said...

Do we even need to say that we like the smell of boys? Come on! Amanda I hope it's a freshly groomed Shar-pei that you like the smell of or else I'll worry.

I drove through the Krispy Kreme drive-thru on Wed. morning and the overwhelming smell of doughnut grease was seeping out the drive-thru window and disgusted me.

Kobosky262 said...

Everyone in my office for holloween are dressed like Chineese people! Go figure!