Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Thermostat Wars

Ok, time to vent for a sec.

You have all heard about my sweet coworker who refuses to say Bless You when someone (namely Me) sneezes. Well now it's time to let you in on the hilarity of our silent battle over the temperature of the room in which we work.
For starters, I am extremely cold natured. (Anyone in South Africa with me can vouch that I whined about being cold the entire 2 weeks) Mostly it's not the actual temperature of a room that makes me miserable, so much as it is the cold air blowing directly on me for an extended amount of time. I want the AC to come on, do its thing, and shut off (and all this should happen in 5 minutes or less). Unfortunately, the AC in this building it seems likes to run for an hour or more at a time. So I sucked it up and brought a space heater to put under my desk, which has helped tremendously. Some days I have it on all day, and others I don't even turn it on. When I leave for lunch, I turn it off. This brings me to Dena.
Dena is extremely hot-natured. When we first started working in this office together, we compromised on the thermostat and set it on 73 degrees, and I agree this was more a compromise on her part than it was on mine. Now we don't have a thermostat in our office anymore, so we can't regulate the temperature like we used to. And Dena retaliated by bringing her own little fan from home to sit on her desk.
So it's not unusual for the AC to be on, my heater going under my desk, and her fan blowing on top of her desk. It's like a mental battle of wits, because I know our heater and fan are canceling each other out, keeping the room at the exact same temperature it was before we turned on the devices.
Well now after returning from South Africa I find out today that she has brought a thermometer from home, to regulate the temperature in here, I kid you not. If it gets over 72 degrees- that is her maximum threshold for comfort I believe- then she will ask me to turn my heater off. She hasn't done it yet, since I just noticed the thermometer today, but she did make mention of, she's fine until it gets over 72 degrees. But the Temperature Police herself leaves her fan on all the time for one, and second leaves it on when she goes to lunch, and third leaves it on in the afternoon when she leaves work only because she is too scatterbrained to remember to turn it off! So what does Amanda do? She writes a cute post-it-note to Dena from the Fan and puts in on the base of the fan that says Dear Dena, please do not forget to turn me off when you leave in the afternoon. I get tired from running all night. Love, your Fan And what does she do the next morning? She laughs and takes the post-it-note off and throws it away. Sure enough that very afternoon, Dena forgets and leaves the fan on! Argh!
I laugh about the whole thing, because in retrospect it's not even that big of deal, but her bringing the thermometer, I just Had to laugh about and share with you.
I hope this blog finds you warm and toasty or cool and comfortable wherever you are, depending on your personal temperature preference.


jillymae said...

could there really be someone more of a control freak than you? *gasp* ;)

Rhonda Lu said...

Oh wow! THAT is hilarious! I have a little heater under my desk as well. It's always cold in here and everyone complains about it, but strangely enough nothing has changed from the temperature police. My problem is that when I turn my heater on I get too warm too quickly, or either my feet and legs are on fire and my upper half is shivering. OH WOE IS ME!

Anonymous said...

i can feel the shivers from here and your pain. we should freeze her bra or something. ~ari

Thomas J. Brown said...

Actually, unless her fan has some sort of cooling element in it, you're winning the battle. Your heater is actually changing the temperature of the air that passes through it, whereas a fan just moves the air past your warm skin. The air is warmed by your body, then pushed away by the air behind it (I mean, the fan is still going). Does that make sense?

The edit suite that I work in has this giant, ceiling-panel-sized vents right above my head and the suite, which isn't very big to begin with, is always freezing when I get to work. Luckily, the woman I work with also prefers it to be warm in there, so we keep a space heater in the suite and get along pretty well (to the dismay of our boss, who avoids going into the suite whenever possible because he doesn't like the heat). The only problem she and I have ever run into is that I like the temperature to be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and she seems to like it between 70 and 80 degrees Centigrade.

Anyway, Dena's a Nazi for bringing in a thermometer and, in my opinion, rather rude. Good luck. -)

Rhonda Lu said...

The man has an EXCELLENT point.

Jenni said...

totally agree with the freezing thing. why do we need to crank the AC up to the point where it is uncomfortably cold in a building when it is uncomfortably warm outside? that always bothered me...

i can't believe she brought in a thermometer...very rude!


MamaB said...

Does Dena have a sister named Cindy McCormick--sounds like something she would do!! I can sympathize with Dena though because all of a sudden, the temp will shoot up to like 82 degrees it seems and then just as suddenly drop back down---you youngster wouldn't understand about those "hot flashes" but one day you will and Dena won't seem so strange!! Mama B