Wednesday, October 06, 2004


It was a dark and stormy night....
no really! It's pouring here and there is apparently no heat or air in this house, which is why the windows stay cracked all of the time, even though it's freezing with the wind and the rain. Apparently also there are a lot of burglaries when it rains hard like this because so many people have tiny shacks with tin roofs that you can't hear the intruder when he breaks into your home because the rain is so loud. You'd almost think that these tin roofs would be rusted or something. Yes, a very bad joke, but believe it or not, there is a woman on this trip with us who makes worse jokes than I do- and they're always one right after the other- she looks for opportunities and takes a million and one of them, and let me tell you she is NOT very punny! Ari- I now know to some degree how obnoxious you find my humor at times- or non-humor as the case may be. Not that this is going to change how I makes puns and cracks, but just know that I sympathize with you all putting up with having me as a friend.

I have to admit that today for the first time I am really missing home- not that I haven't missed the people all along, but now I'm starting to wonder what all I've missed out on with the goings on of the world. One week from today though I will be home and so jet-lagged it won't even be funny. Actually, that saturday is going to be the bad day for me, and I have that sorority event that morning- but day 3 is when jet lag seems to hit.

Anyways- I miss you guys- I miss blogging-at-will and surfing the internet and keeping up with news and sports! I have not missed tv and radio- although last night and tonight I journaled while listening to Dave Barnes and JM, respectively. The weird thing is not having a cell phone! Last Sunday in church, all 3 times I went in the sanctuaries I thought, did I turn my cell phone off? Because I'm so used to doing that at home! Here, a cell phone rings and at first I think, is that mine, but then I remember that I have no one to talk to here! It's freeing in a way to be able to leave the house with nothing- no keys, no phone, no nothing when going somewhere. They have already prepared us for reverse culture shock once we get back into the US. So be patient with me you guys, because you won't have experienced the things I have, and your eyes will not be open to the things mine will be open to. You will be amazed when you read the journal and hear the stories- and who knows, maybe next time some of you will come with me. That's right mom, there will definetly be a next time.

Hope you all are having a great day at work- War es hoet- that mean's 'I'm good' in Afrikaans- I'm learning slowly but surely!



emilyb said...

Hey Amandoline! We miss you, too. I promise to be patient with you when you come back. You'll have to be forgiving of us, too, because we'll probably seem stuck up and spoiled rotten to you when you get back! Ha! Promise to still love us? The apartment isn't the same without one around to make sopapillas. So so sad. It's great to hear from you...keep working hard, and I look forwarding to hearing about all of this face to face. Love you much! Oh, and don't worry--you're not missing anything bu me being sick. :(

MamaB said...

I'm sorry EmmieSue is sick so get better quick girl.

And Amanda, so you are going back to SA? That doesn't really surprise me.....we'll talk more later.

I miss you--that's all I can say.......cause "ain't no sunshine when she's (your) gone"

Kobosky262 said...

Hey, I love the team blogging and that you are in SA and that the girls from the penthouse are steping up! Way to go. I understand the cultural shock. Know that God made all people great and small, big and tall! He loves us all...the haves and the have nots! So should we! I am excited for you! Love you. ~shel