Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Time to get Political...

Disclaimer: this entry strays far from the cheerful randomness you normally look forward to reading

I may be preaching to the choir here, but this is just a friendly reminder to go out and vote. This election will go down as one of the most heated political races in our nation's history, and the next president will have a tremendous impact on how our country's future will be shaped. How cool will it be to look back and say that we voted in this election?

But time to get un-pc, because this is my blog. I voted for John Kerry on Monday. Not because I especially love Kerry, but moreso because I don't like Bush. Many people down here in the Bible belt are aghast when I say that. Bush is a Christian they say! And yes, while no one can know just how much he's actually living this statement out, and how much of it is just political acting, I do appreciate and admire the fact that Bush has brought spirituality into the forefront of politics again, where it should be. So if Kerry, the non-Christian, as some may see him, is elected, does that mean God lost or made a mistake? Of course not. God ordains every leader in our country, and it is far beyond our comprehension to understand the Big Picture of God's plans.

We cannot know a candidate's heart. We cannot see inside his head and know if he is lying or not. But we can look at the facts we are presented with.

To me, I see jobs going overseas, I see men and women being killed for a cause that hardly any Americans understand,much less agree with, and I see the world exposing us for the wealthy terrorists that we are, disguised in sheep's clothes. I will admit that I am not the most informed of voters, but I can look our nation and our world and see the state it is in today compared to 4 years ago and see that there is a Big Problem. And not everything has to do with September 11th.

I also realize that what I say here is not going to change the way most of you are going to vote, but I just thought you'd like to know where I'm coming from.


RAAAGER said...

I enjoyed your post. Even though I don't agree with everything you said, you did raise some good points. Most important is that we all go out and vote. Yes, this is going to be an election long remembered in history. My concern is that all the mudslinging by both parties and the media's attempt to stir things up between the two sides will not leave the country divided on Weds Nov 3rd, or whenever we see the results.

Anonymous said...

yea for you for going out and voting! you're such a good citizen. i'm happy that you've found something that you feel passionate about, because usually you have so little opinion on things. oh wait, i think i'm on the wrong blog! just kidding. nuzzle. ~ari

emilyb said...

In the spirit of “fair and balanced,” I thought I would take a moment to present the ideas of one who supports Bush…fair enough? I voted for Bush on Saturday, not because I’m against Kerry, but because I support Bush and all that he stands for.

Saddam Hussein said the only mistake he made before invading Kuwait was that he did not wait until he had the nuclear bomb. At one time, he was very close to having such a bomb. This is the caliber of person we’re dealing with here – a man who murders and tortures his own people (not very much unlike Hitler). After September 11th we must be very aggressive in fighting potential threats to our safety. Even Kerry and Edwards advised strong action against Saddam and were FOR going to war against Iraq. And should Kerry be elected, we’re not going to pull out of Iraq – men and women will continue to die for this cause under Kerry. I wish we didn’t have to be in Iraq. I don’t want Americans to die, either. But we have a duty to these people who have been oppressed for so long. The media focuses on all the killing in Iraq, but they fail to highlight all of the good that is being done. People are free, women can come out of their homes and are being educated, elections are coming in January. The majority of Osama’s cohorts have been brought to justice. We are making a difference!

Many American companies are outsourcing jobs overseas. While Kerry’s rhetoric would have us believe that this is a common occurrence, there is actually only a very small percentage of jobs being lost in this manner; and, most economists state that such outsourcing will eventually lead to an increase in the number and quality of jobs available here in America. And it’s funny, because many of Teresa Heinz Kerry’s companies are located on foreign soil - and outsourced.

Bush is said to have lost jobs and been responsible for a recession. Actually, the American economy was declining in the last few quarters of the Clinton Administration. Couple that with the total shock of our economy at 9/11, and the state of our economy at the present time is amazing.

John Kerry says he believes life begins at conception, but he says he wouldn’t restrict a woman’s right to choose. Therefore, he is in favor of abortion. And Kerry supports the most heinous form of abortion, partial-birth abortion. This is where the baby is delivered feet first until just before the head is delivered. At that point the baby’s skull is crushed, the baby killed, and then birthed. John Kerry has voted against outlawing partial birth abortion nine times.

So that’s where I’m coming from. But the greatest part about all of this is that we live in a country where we CAN express our opinions and vote how we want to vote. That’s the beauty of it! And, Amanda, no matter how you vote or what your views, you know that doesn’t affect the way I think about you…I love you to death!