Monday, December 12, 2005

Time to party!!

Call me cliche' but Christmas is my favorite holiday. While I love it for the spiritual reason behind it- the amazing gift of God sending his son to take on human form and live the exemplary perfect life, I love it for many other reasons too. One, all the breaktaking Christmas lights. Two, all the yummy food you get to eat without feeling guilty ("It's the holidays," I say to myself. "You should enjoy yourself now and worry about those extra cookies and eggnog in January!") And the third reason I love Christmas- the Christmas parties (which again, incorportaes the eating of the good food).

Saturday was our Sunday school class party, which on one hand, gets more fun every year, because you know more people, but on the other hand, you secretly ask yourself, I wonder how many more years of Single Focus Christmas parties I'm going to have to go to? (Hey, I'm just being honest here- I know you all think the same thing!). Really though, it had all the makings of a good party: good food (are we sensing a trend here?), fun people, and a house full of Beetlejuice decorum! Lana and MA took the liberty of taking all sorts of fun pictures around the house to document the evening for posterity.

Today is our Christmas party here at work. They're taking us to see The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe at the Franklin cinema, and then feeding us lunch back at the office. There was rumor that they might let us go early after that, but I'm not getting my hopes up. And of course Dad Gum it's Christmas is still going strong! This morning we have homemade biscuits and breakfast casserole- it's enough to make anyone have a small foodgasm.

Thursday night's big shindig is taking place at Winn's (Who? What?). His holiday parties are legendary and always boast his special seasonal eggnog. This should be a reunion of old BHS alumns and meeting and mingling with various Nashvillians, and of course- the consuming of holiday tasty treats!

Finally, rounding out the week of parties, Saturday morning marks our Second Annual Penthouse Holiday Extravaganza. We're doing a brunch this year because all of my friends' schedules are so crazy that we couldn't find a lunch or dinner date anywhere during the Christmas season that we could all attend. So far we have 13 or 14 gals rsvp'ed to partake in the all-girls get-together.

Enjoy your own week of holiday festivities! Eat whatever you want, and then let's all meet up in January to work off those extra treats. :o)


Mary Anna said...

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Can't forget Lisa while speaking of the incognito photo mission--she provided the necessary tools, plus the impetus to be bold!

Actually though, it won't make much difference whether or not you give credit to Lisa---she never reads her emails, especially the important ones, much less blogs!

daddy b said...

Can't help thinking how difficult it must be to meet guys at an all girl party. Are you guys out there having the problem? I suggest a merger.

Mary Anna said...

I like how Daddy B thinks!!!

Anonymous said...

Some of us may be "having the problem", but sometimes, when we set a course, we get derailed... :)