Monday, December 05, 2005

State Champs!!!

4 years after the school opened its doors and in just 3 years of varsity football, the Ravenwood Raptors have captured the most coveted award in all high school sports- the Region 5-A State Football Championship trophey. For anyone who didn't know who Ravenwood was before this season, they do now. Congrats to the guys and to the coaches and staff- particuarly the RHS athletic secretary that worked so hard to make this thing happen!


Big Blue Barry said...

What's a trophey?

Bethany said...

I just cannot be happy for Ravenwood...I gotta stick close to my Brentwood Bruins! Even though they got beat twice by Ravenwood, they are and always will be my highschool team!! :-)

Anonymous said...

If coach woulda put me in, we woulda been state champs! No doubt! No doubt in my mind!