Monday, December 19, 2005

Will the Real UT please stand up?

As a native Tennessean, and for anyone east of the Mississippi (pronounced: Mis-sippi) River, UT means the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Now I've heard tall tales that there are those persons living out west of the Mighty Mississip' who refer to UT as the University of Texas. Those Texans are an odd bunch aren't they? I work with several of them, and at one point, was surrounded on all sides by native Texans. Those were some long months. It took a lot of tolerance on my part... and... was such a huge sacrifice on my part to put up with their lonestar-mania...

But look who's laughing now? In lieu of having a horrible football season, UT (that's Tennessee, by the way) has a new b-ball coach and is putting the smack down to the poser UT and their gross burnt-orange jerseys. hmmph.

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emilyb said...

No one understands this as much as I do. Having grown up a UT (that's Tennessee) fan my whole life and then spending 3 1/2 years in Texas, I had to daily put up with these kinds of shananigans! I just used these moments to remind them that if it weren't for a Tennessean, there would be no Texas. Sing it with me now..."Davy...Davy Crockett!" I wish I could say it always worked. But for people who fly their state flag as high as the US flag, it's just not that simple.