Tuesday, November 29, 2005

9 mos. after Valentine's Day

November Babies Abound! It’s time to recognize all these special people and congratulate them on getting one year older:

Lana “Boofer” Groves celebrated the 4th anniversary of her 21st birthday on Nov. 24th (man- wouldn’t it suck to be that old? I’m so glad I’m a spry 21 year old, and in college).

Imaginary boyfriend Mitchell Gene Tarkington Adair turned 23 on Nov. 28th (I know his entire name after he called me out for Not knowing it the last time I saw him up in Lexington) (I mean, who could forget 2 middle names like Gene and Tarkington, honestly? Yeah. Cause That just rolls off the tongue)

Fellow Gatlinburg-er Lisa T. was showered with love and affection from her friends yesterday as she commemorated her 24th birthday. We partied it up with a joint birthday celebration endeavor at Cozy Mel’s with Lana, Lisa, and friends (that sounds like a sitcom), and then several of us went back to the Sorority House- I mean, Liser and Scottie’s apartment- to hang out late on a (GASP!) school night! (Trust me, the effects of staying up too late on a Tuesday night were felt by the Geezers of the group this morning!)

Also turning 25 yesterday on Nov. 29th was Miss Heather B aka Weezer aka My best friend Heather from home. Heather and I are going on 12 years of being friends, and one of our first times to hang out, coincidentally enough, was at my 7th grade Halloween birthday party. I was dressed up like Juliet; Heather was a baby, and our friend Jason dressed up like a hooker named Candy, and nobody recognized him. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

I am still scarred by the Tales from the Crypt movie you all watched at your halloween party. I will never forget the mummy pulling out the guys brain with a hanger! Thanks for that big sis!


Anonymous said...

isn't that what sisters are for? making you watch scary movies and desensitizing you to the color pink? that's what i've always heard. ~ari