Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween, DIVA style

The weekend flew by, but it was a great one!

Friday night was the 80's party at Maury's. I was forced into watching a scary movie called "Don't Talk to Strangers" and proceeded to spill red punch on the couch in Little Guadalupe because Rob came up behind me and scared me! The group was small but we laughed at Maury's prom video (circa 1988), joined in on some 80's trivia, and danced to a great 80's mix of music.

Saturday was spent doing the Great Day of Service. This was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, and I only wish that more people from the church had participated. Instead of patting the church on the back and saying, good job, we had 600 people participate in our church of over 5,000 members, I wish someone would say, shame on you for not joining together for one day as a church and reaching out to your community. (But then again, mercy is not one of my spiritual gifts.) At any rate, our group had an awesome experience at the Campus for Human Development and will hopefully continue this partnership.

Saturday night was the big night for us- "Macho, Macho Woman! I wanna be a macho woman!" Tex, Mitch, Tigerlilly, Ron, Jarhead, & MA got together for a rollicking good time as the Village People and made quite the grand entrances and exits at the parties we attended. Sarah impressed us with her skills at driving with her sunglasses on, because, you know, she wears her sun-glasses at night, so she can, so she can...
Dressing up in group costumes is definitely the way to go- it makes Halloween so much more fun!

Sunday afternoon marked the First Ever Ultimate Harvest Party. A bunch of people came over and showed us their mad pumpkin-carving skills. I admit I was a little off my game that day- the distraction of hosting the party detracted from my ability to carve a good jack-o-lantern ("and I promise that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my abilty to do good hair") (You can never have too many random Steele Magnolias quotes thrown in for good measure!). Mary Anna's Chicago Cubs pumpkin was crowned our Grand Champion after making the finals and winning the most votes. The weather was perfect, the cider was warm, and the munchies were delicious (thanks to Momma B and Laura Loo for heading up the kitchen duties).

The Finished Products

"What Can Brown Do For You??"

"The Happy Family"


Tadd said...

Nice crimped hair! I also love the indian look for you.

Mary Anna said...

That's Officer Brownsky, mam!

On the upside, 600 people gave of their time and talents to minister to those in our community. Alone, that is a lot of people out serving the Lord!

Great party on Sunday and it wasn't just because I won the pumpkin carving contest. Between the pumpkin bread, the hot cider and fellowship, I had a blast!

Amanda said...

ps, WHO the heck decided that cripmed hair was ever a good idea??