Tuesday, November 29, 2005

turkey for me, turkey for you

Turkey day came and went. Slowly but surely I am incorporating more of the traditional dishes into my dinner- I actually ate turkey and stuffing both this year, tried the cranberries and pumpkin pie, and lived to tell the tale! (Up until a few years ago, Thanksgiving dinner for me consisted of ham, macaroni and cheese, and rolls!) We went up to Cannelton on Wednesday and stayed till Friday, making several appearances at the Pumper, and of course, stopping at the Tasty Freeze on the way out of town for hamburgers and ice cream.

The top left picture is of Ryan, Laura, George, and myself- waiting on my uncle Jerry to get back with the scraps for the dogs ("You mean we have to wait for the dogs to eat before WE can eat???" Laura asked incredulously)

The top right picture is of the Back Porch, where all of our large meals take place. This is all of the guys.

Bottom left pic is of our Thanksgiving bartenders Ryan and Laura. Folks, she was a natural opening the brewskis and making change in her head. (This is why I could never bartend. I am such a product of my generation and depend on the cash register or my cell phone calculator to figure out simple math)

Bottom right pic is of all of the girls. and when I say all, keep in mind that I do not literally mean all. Counting up all the family that was in and out for lunch, we had 21 people and 2 dogs there at any given moment. Unfortunately, we didn't get a big group picture, so I made do with what I had, picture-wise.

Let it be known that I was feeling benevolent (different from Joel's made-up word, manevolent) and did not post the incriminating kareoke pictures from Wednesday night's Pumper experience. A highlight of the weekend though, which unfortunately no one got pictures of, was someone signing my entire family up to sing Hank Jr.'s Family Tradition. We begrudgingly oblidged, and half the bar came up to the microphones to belt out this bar room favorite. :o)


daddy b said...

Come on! We have to see one picture of the couple of the county singing " I've Got You Babe"

Amanda said...

ps... check out That Ain't Right for the Behind the Music story of what Really went on Thanksgiving weekend!

jillymae said...

you have a Tasty Freeze up there??? man, lucky you! i haven't seen one of those in years!!! it used to be staple stop on the way back from the beach. best ice cream ever!

Anonymous said...

the numbers don't lie. the best thanksgivings and family gatherings include gi-normous amounts of people and the best food ever (i promise the taste test is worth it).

Adam said...

Especially encouraging is the Great Eggs contraption behind the table (first photo). I'm assuming it's never seen the world outside of that box...