Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let the Good Times Roll

Alright- the natives are restless- but I agree- this blog has been a long time coming (and took a long time to compose, so no skimming- read every word, darn it!)

Admittedly, ever since we booked the "Good Times" cabin, I had this blog title picked out for the weekend recap! The whole weekend was blogworthy though, so where to begin?

The 2 cars departed Nashville on Friday afternoon- MA driving the Cubmobile with Lana, Scottie, and Liser in tow, and Emmy Sue drove her faithful Altima with me and Rhonda Lu. MA and co. arrived first, checking into the cabin and going to the grocery store for our weekend supplies. The 3 Amigas were sent to buy some drinks on our way into town. "Something festive," they said on the other end of the phone. And I made sure to ask, did you all pass any liquor stores on your way in? "Yes," they said- "we passed several," were their exact words I believe. Several stop lights later in Pigeon Forge there were no specialty stores to be found, and the 3 of us found ourselves in the Food City to buy alcohol. (What a way to start our redneck weekend!) We stole sideways glances at the Food City employee Delta (identified by her name tag) who sported a two-toned mullet and laughed at ourselves for having no shame in walking out with 2 cases of Smirnoff drinks and a couple bottles of Boone's Farm.

Friday evening was spent enjoying a delicious spaghetti dinner followed by fondue (pause for a Lana quote. Upon seeing our eyes bulge at the 3-servings-worth of spaghetti she had on her plate, Lana quickly responded with, "What? This is how we do it in my house!"). We watched The Way We Were which none of us had ever seen. The movie started off slowly and comments of, "what is this movie even about," and "when does it get good" rang out before our jaws dropped and audible gasps were heard at the first sight of Robert Redford in his white uniform ("Hubba, Hubble!"). A few episodes of Sex & the City followed, as well as squeezing 7 girls into a hot tub that ideally holds 4. (About a 1/3 of the water was displaced after we forced our way into the thing!)

Saturday morning, a few hours and one emergency run to the grocery store later, we were back in front of the TV watching Sex & the City, enjoying our home cooked breakfast. I'm partial to my hashbrown casserole, but Em's chocolate chip pancakes are a perennial favorite as well. After breakfast we caravanned to Laurel Falls where we hiked to the top and back down again while spontaneously busting out Kanye West's Golddigger, taking lots of pictures, and enjoying the warm sunshine. Then it was back in the cars to drive the rest of the distance to Cade's Cove.

This took the bulk our day, and the drive around the loop once we got there was a bit disappointing. Sure, we saw some deer and a fox, which was pretty darn cool, I have to admit, but we also followed a Caddy that drove painfully slow and threw on his break lights every 10 feet so the drive took for.ev.ver. And call me a spoilsport, but I prefer the breaktaking view of an impressive city skyline over the blue-skied paltry mountains in the distance (I know. My fellow girls are booing and hissing, but this, my friends, is the reason I'm choosing to move to a ginormous city). We saw a bear from the road on our drive back, which in the pictures just looks like a black blob behind some trees, but I promise, we saw it, but by the time we got back to Gatlinburg it was dark, and we were starved! (So much for those peanut butter sandwiches we made for lunch and then left in the fridge!) We enjoyed a mediocre dinner with mediocre service at the first restaurant we came to, but got back to the cabin early enough to enjoy a night "at home." First a dance party in the kitchen broke out (that Florida mix cd sure has gotten some use!), and then Em, me, and MA shriveled in the hot tub for several hours while we talked about everything under the sun. (The girls inside piled on the couch and watched 2 movies in the time span that we were outside!) Later on we dried off by the fire and watched (what else?) Sex & the City.

Sunday morning we all piled onto the couch and into the chairs in our pjs for a little church service of our own, then listened to praise & worship music on Emily's ipod dock while we got ready (i think ipods are a wonderful invention... i don't see how we functioned this long without them... i wonder how many sentences we can begin using "i") (that was for you, em!). A few minutes before 10 am, the mandatory check-out time, we said goodbye to the Good Times cabin, and drove down the road to the Apple Barn for a filling breakfast- but not before annoying/entertaining everyone else who was waiting for their table with our boisterous conversation and continuous picture-taking antics. Finally we rounded out the trip with a little outlet mall shopping. To quote/
steal Emily's idea on her blog, you didn't really think that 7 girls could take a trip together and not do any shopping did you?

It rounded out a perfect weekend, and we hope to make it a yearly tradition. In retrospect, we ate a lot, laughed a lot, and took a lot of pictures. Been there. Done that. Wrote the Blog.

"Thath it. Thath all."


Mary Anna said...

I'm still laughing at Lana's "what this is how we do it at our house" comment!

I had the MOST FUN this weekend!!!!

Sarah said...

Truly, good times good times. Very funny and accurate review of our jaunt.

P.S. We really DID pass several liquor stores on the way in.

Audrey said...

Ooooh! Sounds great, ladies.

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Given all the references to SATC (and assuming you don't necessarily endorse all the views and values expressed on the show), I thought you and your gal pals might enjoy this:

I've been filling some of my excessive free time at work reading this author's archived columns; good stuff.


P.S.: So Tennessee beat Kentucky--something to be truly thankful for this year, but then I suppose you have mixed feelings, since you swing both ways on that one?