Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i heart dave barnes

Was there really life before Dave Barnes? I suppose there was, but it wasn’t very good. Okay. That is an exaggeration. A slight one.

Determined to get a good seat at the show this time, we became the ultimate groupies Saturday night, and stood in line over an hour before the show at 3rd and Lindsley to snag an up-front table (We, being myself, Emily, Lana, and her friend Courtney) (and let me also clarify, we did not stand in line for an entire hour; we just got there in plenty of time to be one of the first ones in). Ari and Bart met us later, and a few other friends and acquaintances spotted us and pulled up chairs nearby, so we had ourselves quite the group. Dave took the stage all by his lonesome, although he kept pantomiming conversations with the imaginary band and back-up singers that kept me in stitches all night. A few quotable DB lines from the night:

· Have you ever been dating someone who wasn’t dating you?
· Upon being caught by his friend’s mom doing muscle poses in his window reflection: And so you make that face where you’re smiling, like everything’s ok, but then from here up, you can tell that everything is definitely Not ok.
· So I have a question: one day when Sting fizzles out and isn’t as popular anymore, will he change his name to Stung?

The stories DB tells are worth every penny to go and see him live, and as always, the songs are able to speak for themselves. Plus I always enjoy the audience participation times. Why does this guy not have an amazing record deal and is not selling out arenas yet? Just you wait- I have a feeling his time is coming soon. In the meantime, I finally caved in and bought the hot pink t-shirt that says in white letters “I heart dave barnes.” And that, my friends, says it all.

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Anonymous said...

You should send him a wedding gift... :) Maybe a framed photo of yourself in the pink tshirt. That'd be good times.