Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Country Goes Urban

See the Tennessean recap- Couldn’t have said it better myself- that Brad About You- he’s so funny!

Country Music took New York by storm last night with the CMAS, while a storm in Nashville kept me from watching the CMAS. I was feeling crummy with this cold that some thoughtful person gave me, and all I wanted to do was put on my pjs and watch the CMAS. But no. Instead the severe weather landed me in my basement (this is different than the Sevier weather we gals will be experiencing this weekend in our Cabin in the woods). So me and Mom and the 2 dogs headed downstairs while the storms moved through. Twice the power went out and came right back on, but it was enough to scare Oscar into jumping into our laps and shaking like a leaf. It’s pathetic really- so much for having guard dogs!

Finally, no sooner than the coast was clear, we headed back upstairs and figured out how to do a picture-in-picture on the tv to keep an eye on the weather, that the cable went out, so I couldn’t watch the awards show after all. (Is it cruel irony that the majority of people in the nation that would care about watching the CMAS could not?) I ended up watching The Upside of Anger instead where Kevin Costner plays a (surprise!) ex-baseball player. It was not at all about baseball, and the movie was a disappointment- though maybe not as much of a disappointment that Brad Paisley didn’t win a single award last night.

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Mark Kelly Hall said...

I knew if I said something about how long it's been since you posted, you'd post before I got done saying it (see comment #6, the wish list)!

And let's hear it for 1950's technology--my rabbit ears did quite well at pulling the CMA broadcast right out of the air, though I didn't watch much of it. Sometimes it pay to be behind the times.