Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Recapping the 2nd Annual Penthouse Holiday Extravaganza

The tradition continues at the Penthouse apartment! We are such busy women that we could find neither an afternoon nor an evening
during the Christmas season to have our Christmas get-together, so we opted instead for the practical yet classy brunch.

So Saturday morning we set our alarms (Ari: I didn't know 9am existed on Saturdays), got all domestic and baked, and ventured out into the sunshine for some grub & gab time. If I am counting correctly, there were 16 fantastic ladies crammed into the 3-bedroom bachelorette pad, and we had way more food than we could ever dream of consuming. (We tried anyways though!)

There was a small caffeine crisis, when one girl (who shall remain nameless to protect her identity) brought a wonderfully-smelling bag of coffee beans for all the java-loving guests, of which she was not. Yes, you read that correctly. She brought beans, that were not yet ground into coffee! How was she to know though, a non-coffee drinker herself? So I proceeded to grab the bag and ran into a nearby Kroger with a desperate look on my face as I asked the first employee I could find, "where's your coffee grinder??" holding up the bag of beans as proof of my crisis.

All I could think was, we need to get this coffee brewing- and FAST. Time was ticking away, and the caffeine headaches would be plaguing people by now. You don't want to be in a small confined space with several coffee drinkers who haven't had their sweet morning nectar. Plus we hadn't eaten yet, despite the scents of baking breakfast foods wafting through the apartment. Yes, I decided. The natives were definitely restless. We needed that coffee ASAP.

Minutes later, crisis averted, the coffee was brewed, and food and conversations were abounding. We managed to squeeze everyone together for a group photo, got one pic of the girls in my small group Bible study, and finally a festive shot of the "Ladies in Red." It was a wonderful time of food and fellowship, and as always, we managed to come out with yet another Lana-ism ("I don't send Christmas cards, I just receive them") and have ideas in the works for what is sure to be a New York Times Best-Seller, Life According to Lana.

Merry Christmas from the girls and the friends of the girls in #720!!!


emilyb said...

Could my forehead BE any shinier?! Next time you're fumbling in your desk drawer for a mirror, look no more! Just stop on by the Diva Domain and take a look at the "Ladies in Red" picture. MY GOODNESS!

Anonymous said...

Amanda - I think your book idea is fantastic. With your excellent writing skills and my ridiculous comments, it would have to be great! - Lana