Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Great, Late, FonDate

Comedian/actor, Long-time friend, and namesake to my car, Thomas, and I were long overdue for our date to the Melting Pot, Nashville's most hyped up restaurant for fondue.

We met up after my tap class last night for a cheap dinner at- and I am not kidding you- McDonalds. Reason being, a, we're just that quirky; b, we needed a cheap meal to supersede the break-the-bank desert we were about to enjoy; and c, Thomas collects the monopoly pieces they're giving away right now to win prizes.

We discussed his big move to the Apple of America's eye, and my imminent move there as well, he tried to get me to move over to MySpace (Blogger is just So much better!), and then we both had to move our tails as time had flown and we needed to head down to 2nd Ave to make our 9 o'clock reservation!

It had been quite some time since I had been to the Melting Pot (try Prom, junior year!) so Thomas and I spent the evening making our list of Fon-dos and Fon-don'ts, so if you go, you'll be in-the-know:

Fon-do: get the Flaming Turtle chocolate desert- it's heaven in a fondue pot and their most popular desert: warm milk chocolate, caramel flambay and pecans mixed in
Fon-don't: reach your hand over the steaming pot- you Will get burned!
Fon-do: try the FAB coffee- Frangelico, Amaretto, and Baileys mixed in coffee
Fon-don't: be "that couple" that sits on the same side of the booth

Thomas and I laughed at this obnoxious couple all night, I tried to tie a cherry stem with my tongue, and Thomas nearly had to role me out of the restaurant after having eaten too much. Oh yeah- I just got an email from Thomas who reminded me about me seeing a waiter trip over his serving tray, and apparently I forced Thomas to run his shoulder into a coathook. So we ate yummy chocolate and laughed till we almost spit out our desert- good times.

(Oh- an explanation for the random picture- we killed some time in a 2nd Ave gift shop before heading to the restaurant before the owner kicked us out.)


Anonymous said...

let me know if you need tips on the cherry thing. i know the secret.

MamaB said...

Finally I get to see the picture of Tommy D and Amanda.....since I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Mr. D in person for many, many years, it was good to finally see him again. You two were definitely styling in those hats! It reminded me of the "Music Man" picture since you both had hats on then too!

The fondue with chocolate, caramel and pecans sounds wonderful----mmmmmmmm!