Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hump Days R Us

Today's going to be a hodge podge of topics, due to the fact that it's been several days since I posted anything (and now that I know that I AM missed during these interludes, I figured you'd waited long enough for some new material!)

Firstly, the weekend update: Best Friend Heather B came into town with her Cubby Hubby Jacob, and we 3 and Angie (Weez's sister) spent a relaxing weekend shopping, grabbing coffee, pushing people into cars, watching Chic Flicks, and laughing at Angie's dog, Archer J (where are those pictures, Jacob??). Jacob was a good sport about all the girl-time and I am now convinced that since Jacob and I share a love of sports and of laughing at Weezer that had I gone to UT, he and I would have been fast friends. We are making up for lost time though, and I look forward to many more visits with my favorite couple.

Sat. night we 4 went to a late movie of Just Like Heaven- the Reese Witherspoon/Mark Ruffalo film that I have been Dying to see (pun readily intended). I am a huge fan of Mark Ruffalo's and after seeing this movie you will be too. It's a lighthearted romantic comedy, so don't expect it to get any Oscar nods, but for its genre it was terrific. Bradley and Bowman-Depriest give it 2 Thumbs Up. I cried off and on all through the movie if that tells you anything, but then again, I cried during several of the previews too!!

It has been a while since I updated the Highly Anticipated Films links on the Divadomain, so take a gander at those- fall movies are here- woohoo!

Next order of bin-niss, Emmy Sue is back to the blogging world so stop in and see what's new with her. Also, the South Africa team is over in Capetown right now, so please remember to pray for them and see updates on their blog. Finally, That Aint Right is always worth the visit, so stop in and say hello.

Finally, my best girl friend from high school, one Jenni Stockwell (you may remember her in her performance of Sporty Spice), has officially asked me to be her Maid of Honor for her July 2006 wedding. It's my first experience as the MOH so I'm really excited. (We've got to get on ordering those dresses, GB)

Happy Hump Day- hope it's been a good one for you. Fall is upon us. I hate the fall. Guess I'll hold my breath till it's June all over again, but for all you Autumn Fans (Lana: "I once quit a job so that I could enjoy the Fall") I hope you're enjoying the cooler temps.

Later non-Florida-Gators!


ann said...

Hi Amanda!!!

I miss you!! Guess what I am having another Showmance......ahh I have to stop. Okay anyway I will be home soon and we need to hang. email me


Anonymous said...

i missed your witty commentary on sedentary happenings. welcome back fellow diva!