Friday, October 28, 2005

All things autumnal

Here is my official tribute to Fall, even though I find the entire season depressing. Before you get all defensive, hear me out. Summer is my absolute favorite season, so anything else is just not as much fun (really, how can you beat naps in the warm sun, trips to the beach, vacations in general, eating summer evening meals outdoors, no school when you were young- I could go on and on!). I am a summerphilia.

But I also despise cold weather, and yes, while the changing colors on the trees are beautiful, all it really means is that the trees and every other living thing around are dying! On a serious note, 3 of the 4 people that have died in my lifetime that I was close to, have all passed away in the fall.

My friends persist however, reminding me of all the great things about this unique season, and all the fun things that go along with it. For example:

Gentry's Pumpkin farm last weekend. Me, Emily, Em's friend Elisa, Mary Anna, and Leslie all piled into the car and headed over to pick pumpkins and sunflowers. The weather was cool but sunny, and we found some great pumpkins for carving, smaller ones for decoration, and Leslie and I clipped a few sunflowers from the field to take home. Definitely a fun fall activity.

This past Wednesday night: Death Valley Haunted Woods with Emily, Rhonda, and John. I can't give the recap as good as Em, so read all about our fearful/funny moment of the night on oreosandmilk. One other funny part that night was the 4 of us getting lost in one of the mazes, and having an anonymous worker from above direct us to go "Left!" to get out of the blasted thing. If you haven't been to this haunted house, it's by far the best one in Nashville and well worth the ten bucks.

Another fun fall activity on the agenda for this weekend, an 80's Halloween party at co-worker Maury's house (his house is named Little Guadalupe- now that's just funny!) (And yes, this is the same Maury who almost forwent drinks to go shopping for an area rug). I'm sure we'll have incriminating pictures to display after this event.

Tomorrow- Great Day of Service- that's not necessarily dependent upon the fall, but something our church does every October. It's a churchwide sponsored event to get out and serve the community in different ways. I'm heading up our project for the Singles class where we'll be stationed at a Nashville-area homeless shelter doing maintenence indoors and outdoors and also serving lunch to over 100 people. It should be a long but rewarding day.

Tomorrow night: Singles class Halloween party. The girls are going as the Village People!! Oh yes, we plan on making a grand entrance together at this fall fiesta!
Guess who the sassy Indian's going to be? :o)

Sunday afternoon- the Ultimate Harvest Party at Chateau Bradley- BYOP of course (bring your own pumpkin)

Ok kids, it's 5 after 5 and my agenda is full! Gotta Run!


Anonymous said...

forgoed? really clark?

Amanda said...

fixed it :oP

Mark Kelly Hall said...

And since I'm not the only grammar cop on the beat's "summerphile." If you're going to make up a word....

Myself, I like Fall. Childhood associations definitely come into play; I guess my summers were pretty boring (especially the one when Watergate took over TV!). They haven't improved that much, come to think of it. On the other hand: a whole new batch of friends at school, new clothes (and new pencils!), my birthday in September, watching football. And warm clothes are better suited (so to speak) for my--uh--wiry build (layers=good). Plus Halloween paved the way for Thanksgiving and Christmas--what's not to love?

Mary Anna said...

Man... Is it roast Amanda week or something?

For those that have never publicly disgraced themselves and mis-spelled a word or flubbed up their grammar, please cast your stones.

Mark Kelly Hall said...

You mean "misspelled."

I'm sorry, what were you saying?

(Yes, gals, he's STILL single!).

Mary Anna said...

Who else is up for voting MKH off the island???