Tuesday, October 25, 2005

turtle love

While the A D Pis have their little kitten mascot that they call a lion, and Thetas have the kite for their mascot (what's that all about?), DZ's have the Turtle. I know what you're thinking. A Turtle is not very ferocious or menacing. And I may just have to agree with you. But a turtle is slow and steady (winning the race and beating the stupid hare at his own game). A turtle is determined and consistent. And, as we Delta Zetas used to quote, "a turtle never gets anywhere without sticking out its neck."

On a different note. Today was the first day this autumn that I finally had to bust out the turtleneck to wear. I do love turtlenecks, and own them in several colors of the rainbow. They make me want to curl up by a fire and watch a movie- not get up and go to work like I had to do this morning. But oh well. I am sittin' cozy in my turtleneck and cords (another tell-tale sign of Fall!) here in my cubicle-o-pink.

Perhaps I will be converted to a lover-of-the-fall yet.


Anonymous said...

no friend of mine will be a lover of the fall. you take it back right now, missy!

Bethany Shea Roe said...

Oh- I LOVE FALL! and I am wearing a turtleneck today too :)

MamaB said...

I am NOT a lover of fall and think this weather is very depressing and NO, I am not wearing a turtleneck and am giving all of my many colored ones away. Who needs turtlenecks--they are much too hot to wear. And now that I have typed this, I see the tie-in for the DZ turtles to the fall turtleneck sweaters--doesn't take me long, does it??? Love, MamaB

Mary Anna said...

Ok I posted a comment earlier, and evidently it didn't make the cut, so maybe I'll try again...

I happen to LOVE the fall and I'm so excited that I'm aiding in making Amanda convert.

I'm also wearing cords today, as I did yesterday. Kudos to those embracing this glorious season.

Anonymous said...

I personally love autumn. It is not depressing, mom, it makes me quite happy. Hot weather makes me miserable.