Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gettin Crazy with the Cheezwiz

Yes that's right- I travelled back to middle school on my drive back from lunch this afternoon and caught all of Beck's Loser on the radio. I was surprised that I still remembered most of the words, and I was whisked away to memories of my 7th grade cheerleading slumber party that we had at our sponser's house. We listened to this song about a million times and an 8th grader named Cheryl happened to love the line, "Gettin crazy with the Cheezwiz," so now every time I hear that line I can see her dancing and smiling! Also, listening to the song that night sparked the universal debate- what is Beck really saying at the beginning of the chorus?? My Spanish-speaking friends now tell me that he's quoting "I'm a loser, baby" in Spanish, but I'm not so sure. I think you lose something in the translation.

This episode of Random Trips Down Memory Lane has been brought to you today by our author & Diva, Amanda, the number 19, and the letters B and L. See you next time!

(cue Mr. Rodger's It's such a good feeling music)

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