Monday, October 10, 2005

this Blog's for you, Christopher.

The fall weather this weekend (read: cold, gray, and Yuck) made me want to burrow indoors so that's pretty much what I did!

Friday night was a fun-filled SATC viewing party- season 2, disc 1- over at the Aspen Bungalow aka Mary Anna's apartment. Her cat Jack-Jack (my nickname for him) seems to have finally warmed up to me, making the number of cats that I have ever liked and have ever liked me to a grand total of 2. I had a creepy twilight-zone moment when I got into my car that night to leave: the same song was on the radio that had playing when I got out of the car hours earlier- what made it even weirder was that I had never heard that song until Friday night.

Saturday was the Brenthaven Neighborhood Yardsale. I hate yardsales with every fiber of my being. I hate going throughg other people's stuff- esp. when they're standing right there- and I hate other people going through my stuff. What was even worse was getting up before daylight on a Saturday morning and sitting outside in the chilly autumn air.

10 o'oclock came and I was given a 2 hour reprieve from the yard sellers and headed over to Breakfast at Emily's (and I said what about breakfast at Emily's- she said I think I remember the film there....). Emily, Mary Anna, Leslie and myself enjoyed breakfast crepes that were quite delicious (Laura, I used that word for you!). My dad's brother Russell and his wife, daughter, and grandsons were in town so they hung out at the house while we sold our crap to stingy people (I mean really, if it's brand-new and it says $2, do you really need to ask to get it for $1??? Yard buyers make me so mad!). My cousin Michael (2nd cousin? first cousin once-removed?) had on a T-shirt that said: I farted so you'd smell better. If I didn't feel guilty for posting family members' pictures on the blog, then that would have been a great TAR post. It was good to see my uncle and his family though.

Later Laura and I enjoyed some QT at the Cool Springs Galleria where we resisted buying this adorable coat at Gap, but I treated myself to this amazing Vincent Longo concealer at Bath & Body Works. Momma B made some of her awesome homemade beef stew for dinner, and later Em and Jen Gash came over and watched Monster in Law. That was a bust of a movie- as was the last Netflix movie I watched- Being John Malkovich. Note to self: rent better movies.

Anyways- this has become increasingly longer and more rambling, so I'll finish out by saying that Rian taught a great, thought-provoking Sunday school lesson, we went to the ATL Bread Co. for lunch (not my favorite) but then I met several new people (my favorite). I realize that I've become increasingly worse about only hanging out with my awesome group of girl friends that I forget to make new friends within the group. I tend to forget that lunch is not just lunch and then run off to watch football or get on with your Sunday plans, but rather an opportunity to get to know people better or say hi to visitors of the Sunday School class. I'm going to try to do better at this since you can never have too many friends, and usually my Sunday plans- whatever they entail are not nearly as important as the relationships I could be building.

I spent the rest of Sunday watching football, putting photos into albums, and then watching my new favorite TV show- Grey's Anatomy. It's an Emmy-nominated show but secretly I watch it pretty much because it has attractive actors in scrubs. Can I get a shout out for some honesty here people?

And how about a shout-out for this extremely long Blog on a busy Monday? And Columbus Day at that! Only a few more minutes left in today's work day, and then the Blue Like Jazzers are getting together for our new and improved meeting night for Bible Study. Happy Columbus day to you all.


Mary Anna said...

Here's one for ya: I like to pretend that I'm Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy and I'm tormented by my lover, Dr. Derek Shepherd, a.k.a. Patrick Dempsey...

Sarah said...

I'm so glad we're all together in this Grey's Anatomy fantasy land! I've had a little (read: huge) crush on Mr. Dempsey ever since "Can't Buy Me Love" all those years ago...

Also, I second the thoughts on Sunday School and lunch afterwards. It was a good Sunday, the kind that provoke new thoughts and remind you why you love going to church. We win.

Mary Anna said...

"Meow Meow Meeeeeeow Meowmeow Meow Mew Meoooooooooooooow Meow."

Jack asked me to pass this message along to you. I translate:

"Amanda, you're one of my favorite babysitters. When are you coming to play with me again? I like to have my belly scratched and I love playing with my ribbon with you!"