Monday, August 22, 2005

Bizarro Emily

So Saturday night Laura made her famous homemade quesadillas (dangit, Napoleon...) and we had a little dinner party of sorts. George was there of course, as were Mary Anna and Emily. The first thing my mom says to Em when she sees her is,
"when did you get your hair cut?"
to which Emily replies,
"a few weeks ago."
"But it wasn't that short when I saw you last Sunday at Cracker Barrell,"
Mom commented. All of a sudden, Emily gets this funny look on her face and says,
"I didn't go to Cracker Barrell last Sunday."
Well everybody starts dying laughing, because Mom and Dad swear up and down that they saw Em and even talked to her! Apparently Emily's Bizzaro twin pretended like she knew Mom and Dad, gave Mom a hug, and told them she couldn't talk because she was on the phone with her friend from Spain!

There is a Seinfeld episode that talks about how everybody has a bizarro twin somewhere in the world- a person who looks exactly like you but is no relation whatsoever. I have come to the conclusion that Emily's Bizarro twin lives in the Cool Springs area.

Either that, or both of my parents are seeing things; kind of like, big, big birds on the roof of our house...


Anonymous said...

maybe cool springs is the home of all twins "bizarro." we do know where bizarro brett works...

Mary Anna said...

I am the bizarro twin of Mary Anna Brown! Mwwwuuuuuhahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

those birds were huge! do not argue with mom and i about that. we both saw them and they were gigantic.

Amanda said...

that's true... dad and I saw a couple of big birds later that week at an ncaa game- i believe the birds you saw were Utah Utes.

MamaB said...

No, my dear, those birds at our house WERE NOT UTAH UTES--they were real and big and you all are jealous because you and Dad didn't see them like Laura and I did.
And in fact, since there were two of them on the roof of our house, one of them was the other one's bizarro twin. So there!

Amanda said...

ha ha! bizzaro birds- touche'