Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Amanda "the Hurricane" Bradley

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am obsessed with following hurricanes. From June to November, you can often find me surfing weather.com, following the massive storms, and even crushing on the storm chasers (Jeff Beddis, where have you been during Katrina??). On Saturday I received no less than 3 phone calls from in-the-know friends who were making sure I was keeping up with the ginormous Hurricane Katrina who was spiraling towards New Orleans. The funniest part was that while listening to one of those voicemails, I was standing in front of my tv, watching the weather channel.

And so yesterday I came into work and everyone was all abuzz keeping up with the hurricane. My boss Joel knows how much I'm into following these storms, and he told me that since I've been working here, I have brought 2 hurricanes our way up to TN. "I bring the hurricanes with me," I said. "That's your new nickname," he exclaimed. "What? Hurricane Bradley?" I asked. "No," he replied. "Just The Hurricane. And you have to refer to yourself in 3rd person- ie. The Hurricane is not happy with you. The hurricane would appreciate it if you would get out of her way."

So from now on, you may all refer to me as the Hurricane if you wish.
(Yeah... we'll do anything for entertainment around the office!)


Sarah said...

That's pee-your-pants funny! I feel a lot of Hurricane merchandise comin on.

Rhonda Lu said...


Anonymous said...

Ryan Owen read this.

Amanda said...

Ryan?? How random- how the heck are you?

Anonymous said...

ok, a couple things:
1. congrats to rhonda for properly puncutating "friends' bodies." i applaud you.
2. i now have "the hurricane" song stuck in my head and it's your fault.
3. i thought ryan's comment was in the present tense and it really took me a second to figure it out, so i'm going to laugh at myself now.
4. that's all. i just wanted an even number.

Tadd said...

Tadd Himelrick read this (present tense)

hey Hurricane! I know it's been a while, but I thought I'd check out your blog. I'm impressed that you still blog so much. I actually got around to another post today. 2 points for me.

You know...there is a Lisa Loeb song called "hurricane" with the lyrics: "but behead this woman, she's a hurricane, she will heal your heart up, and she is hurrying.."

Interesting, huh?