Tuesday, August 02, 2005

modern day fairytale

a birthday story.

Once upon a time, 24 years ago to the day precisely, there was a beautiful princess born in the Bluegrass state. Her name was Princess Celia Ariana Bryant, but nobody could pronounce that, so everyone just called her Ari. Ari spent her childhood roaming about the country with her mother, Queen Celia, until finally, one day, the beautiful Princess Ari was all grown up, and desired to go to school. Being a Muggle with no magical powers, she was not admitted into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so she settled for a school in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; a little school called UK, which happened to be known for their basketball almost as much as their pension for attracting men of the homosexual nature (Oh wait- maybe those were just our friends). Either way, Princess Ari decided to study music and it was there that she met her fellow DIVA Amanda.

DIVA Amanda was a priss and wannabe princess from Nashville,TN, and Princess Ari was not so sure she was going to like Amanda. For Amanda, you see, liked the Backstreet Boys at that point in time, and this made her very uncool in Princess Ari's world. Conversely, Princess Ari was loud and opinionated and DIVA Amanda was not sure she and Princess Ari would get along. One day these two unlikely friends discovered their joint dislike of a mean, evil professor named Dr. J, and this bonded them together, and they were the best of friends forevermore.

To this day, if you see Princess Ari or DIVA Amanda they are not far from each other's thoughts, and they enjoy encouraging one another in their quest to find their respective (prospective?) handsome princes.

The End.


Anonymous said...

Thou spinnest a fine tale of witchcraft, homosexual men, princesses and diva's. I could almost hear a lute playing ever-so softly in the distance.....Happy b-day miss thang! I mean Princess Ari.
~(queen)Ang =^)

Anonymous said...


Mark Kelly Hall said...

Happy birthday, Ari. "Any friend of Amanda's..."--well, I'll let you finish that as you see fit.

Hey, if you want to return the greeting in person, come to my own birthday celebration next month:
(see Sept. 10)

Yep, I'm young enough to celebrate and old enough to throw my own party!

The invitation goes for all Divadomain readers (psychos must be accompanied by a doctor).

Hey, Amanda, I have questions about a South Africa blog for this next trip--thinking maybe we can continue the one you started??? Didn't know if the e-mail I have for you is good, so could you e-mail me and get in touch (see above link to get my address)? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIANA!!! Amanda, you are such a great writer. That was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

thank you to all of my loyal subjects who made yesterday the greatest birthday yet! all my love, Princess Ariana