Monday, August 01, 2005

What IS a Hokie anyways?

Another one bites the dust! I have coerced yet another friend into joining the Wonderful World of Blogging. Here you can read all about my trip to Vrginny on Heather's blog. (Oh yes. She's gone up and done it.)

But of course, I have to get my two-cents in as well, so here are the weekend highlights, according to yours truly:

  • *eating Momma B's chocolate chip cookies in the car on the way to Blacksburg
  • *finally meeting "Craig & Jenny" aka Heather and Jacob's married couple friends, Joe & Jana
  • *sadly enough, yes, getting lost on a loop hiking trail around a mountain lake... it was not what I was thinking when I suggested we go on a hike in the mountains of Virginia... I admit I was picturing more of a Radnor Lake-esque trail but with more of an incline... nice wide paths lined with cedar chips- none of this scaling rocks and dodging sketchy holes that looked like they might house a family of snakes... hmmm. (This made me decide that once in New York I'm going to find a gym with Virtual Hiking- a stair climber and a video screen in front to give the illusion of hiking outdoors!) (This is an awfully long bullet point, don't you think?)
  • *Must Love Romantic Comedies, but Must Love Dogs was two thumbs up if you do!
  • *Beating Heather in a 3am game of Pop-culture Trivial Pursuit
  • *eating Momma B's chocolate chip cookies for breakfast
  • *laughing hysterically at the geek who wrote out the number Pi in the dust on the front window of the Virginia Tech Engineering bldg.
  • *giggling with Heather as we wrote "helpful" formulas such as a2 + b2 = c2 and E=MC2 on Jacob's office research marker board
  • *helping out the Roanoke Lifeway store by straightening their shelves... force of habit for me and Heather
  • *finishing off those yummy chocolate chip cookies... I don't think Jacob even had one!
  • *Singing Ray Charles a la Rudy Huckstable
  • *hearing Heather tell "The Fishes of the Sea" story on Jacob and laughing each time as it got funnier (for us, anyways!)
  • *Music theory lessons with Heather in the OG, and in the shoe section of Dick's Sporting Goods (keep working on those "fractions" Weez)
  • *the bizzare feelings of being uprooted from a subway in Manhattan one weekend to the rolling hills and small town life of Blacksburg, VA the next!
  • *and finally... seeing my "best friend Heather from home." You may know her as HBo, Weezer, or Heather Bowlman, but she's my oldest pal, and it was great to spend some time with her and Cubby Hubby Jacob as well. (Thanks Jake for going to the Chic movie with us!) See you in 2 weeks, H!

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Heather said...

i had a wonderful weekend as well, thanks again for making the trip!!

i am so excited about this whole new concept of time signature. not sure that i fully understand it, but i love a good challenge. :) can you quiz soon to see if i still understand?

oh and... thank you for the surprise gift!! i love finding fun things. i appreciate the ash tray as i find it so useful. ;) actually, i was thinking about bringing it to work. you know, about 99.9995% of my clients smoke (even the children!) what a nice gesture it would be for me to provide an ash tray for them. or better yet, when i visit homes, i could bring it and sit out while i am there and take when i leave. wow... so many options with this thing. what do you think?