Wednesday, August 03, 2005

birthday #2

Ahhhh... the joys of coffee. It's keeping me going this morning. I often delude myself and pretend I'm still 21 and in college, and then I wonder why I can't function anymore in the mornings after being out late (read: past 10 o'clock)! Say it with me: 21 and in college- maybe if I say it enough it will become true!

We went to Jonathan's to celebrate Ari's birthday last night- we, being myself, Angela, Ari, and Flyboy, who drove in from Texas as a surprise to the birthday girl. Singing 3 part harmony over the music at the bar- is there anything more fun? We should take our act on the road, girls! I left Jonathan's late, and then ran into my Walmart Neighborhood Grocery to gather supplies to prepare for the next birthday, which happens to be today. (Happy 23 Emmy Sue!) Here I am, about to pass out from exhaustion, and I'm baking cupcakes at 12:30!!! I think I ate about as much cake batter as I put in the cupcakes!! (Isn't that the best way to bake though?) Needless to say I was a little loopy this a.m. when Rhonda and I got up to finish decorating the 'birthday hallway' in the Penthouse and make the birthday girl the traditional chocolate chip pancakes!

Man, oh man, is that coffee working though! 4 cups later and I'm going strong here at bbmpi today. Good thing too, cause it's a busy one; lunch plans with a friend from "Pirates in my Pants" and then a date night with Dad tonight to see Tom T. Hall. Finally, we culminate by celebrating the birthday of Miss Emily Elizabeth Borders, affectionately known as Emmy Sue, e.e. borders or soon-to-be Auntie Em!

Em is 23 years old today (yep, she's a youngin) (but not as young as me- remember, I'm 21 and in college!), and a fellow Native Nashvillian. There are few of us out there, so we stick together! Little known facts about Emily: she makes a mean chocolate chip bundt cake (not sure what the official name of that tasty treat is, but trust me, it's yummy), she cheerleaded in high school, does an amazing elephant impersonation complete with arm motions, and is the voice of reason and maturity in the Penthouse even though she's the youngest of the 3 roommates! Emily enjoys cheering on her Baylor Bears, watching (and falling asleep to) the classic 80's movie "Shag," and wows us occasionally with her hot dance moves! Have a great day, Emmy Sue!


Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday! oh we're so glad you came! happy happy birthday from our o'charley's gang!

emilyb said...

Thanks for the shout out, roomie! And thank you for staying up to the wee hours of the morning just to make my day special. I look forward to sleeping to "Shag" tonight. :) Oh, and it's a "Chocolate Chip Pound Cake".

Anonymous said...

Mmmm.... Chocolate Chip Pound Cake... mmmmmm...

"Cheer-led"? Perhaps? :)


Rhonda Lu said...

"voice of reason and maturity"??? What are you trying to say? (You forgot Resident Genius!) The Choc Chip Pound Cake - I forgot about that! OOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Amanda said...

yeeeaaahhh.... I rest my case