Monday, January 31, 2005

the halls are alive with the sound of music

Well, we made it through Day 1 since the Great FireWall of Franklin has been erected. I say "made it through" because I was about to go nuts by the time I left for the evening. It was not a pleasant day at work for your Divadomain CEO, but you know what? Tomorrow is Tuesday and that means that 1) it's not Monday any more (woo hoo!) and 2) it's one day closer to the weekend.

Now. We all know how important music is to me. It's what I live and breathe for the most part. When asked that dreadful hypothetic question, would you rather be blind or deaf, I always choose the first because I cannot imagine a life without sound. In the days of old, I could never study while listening to music because it distracted me. I would always end up listening to the music instead of reading my textbook or studying my notes. However, in more recent times, I have become a much better multi-tasker. I am able to have several things going at work at once and actually make sense of it all. Friends call me on my cell, and I'm working away as I'm talking so that no one can hold it against me. (AND I can walk and chew gum- who's impressed?)

So. One of the joys of my work day is getting to listen to music all day long. Not that I have relegated the precious tones to background music and nothing more, but I guess I am using different parts of my brain to work than I am to listen, so miraculously I am able to do both.

Seriously though- I discovered Yahoo's Launchcast radio a few months ago and it brought happiness to the Bone & Joint Clinc where there was none, but sadly, it has gone away. Yes, my friend the firewall strikes again. So Dena and I are relegated to listening to cds and the crappy little radio that we have in our office that likes to fade in and out from time to time. But even this would not be so bad if I didn't have a Nazi working directly across the hall from me.

At first when Dena and I moved into our new office a few months ago, we got along with Becky. And Becky never said anything about our music being too loud. Then one day she stuck her head out the door and asked us to turn it down... then another day... and another. Now as of late we have been receiving these stiffly polite emails addressed to both myself and Dena asking us to "please turn down the music." (FYI: My nickname for Becky is the Warden because she yelled at Rhonda and I one day back in 2003 when we were both working at the B&J for being too loud. Ever since then, when she's in her manic moods, she trandforms into the Warden.) Today was the last straw though. Today, right at the end of the day, I received an email just to me that said


I was appalled and frankly very angry. For one, all caps is the email equivalent to yelling! There was no such need for this. And plus, it was the end of the day, would it kill her to close her office door, since she's the one that is bothered by our radio, which I might add was totally at a reasonable volume?

I am convinced the Warden is trying to zap any joy from my day. But she will not win this battle. They may take my Launchcast radio, and they may take my ability to blog (may it live on through the work day without me), but they will NOT take my music. Oh, it's ON now.


Rhonda Lu said...

BRING IT ON!!!! I know The Warden....she's old....Amanda you can kick her arse.

What kind of music are you playing that's driving her crazy? There is a guy in my office that hooks up headphones to his computer. You could do that and listen to it LOUD, and laugh like you are getting away with something illegal :)

Anonymous said...

I say we all get our kicks out and go meet at the old barn for a dance... that'll show this town a thing or two, especially that cantankerous old pastor who runs it... hope his cute daughter shows up for the dance...

Anyone wanna join me in practicing my dancing moves on a tractor?

Just try to stop the music. That's the first step... Just try to. Pretty soon, they'll be trying to take away our dancing, and as the old proverb says "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

Ok, I'm mixing 80s movie metaphors. Need food.

jillymae said...

i agree with you...BRING IT ON!!! and IT'S ALREADY BEEN BROUGHT-EN!!! hey, just in case she's been saving those kung fu moves for a rainy day for a good mud-slinging, you know i've got yo back, girl!!! bring it on, warden! if amanda doesn't cut you down to size with her quick and slice and dice wit, i've got a jab-fake block-grab-hammerfist combo plate you don't wanna try to digest!!!!!!!

daddy b said...

Maybe you should simply turn off the radio and try singing at the top of range for a few hours...lots of vibrato too. Like they say.. It ain't over till you gain some weight..

MamaB said...

I think the gauntlet has been thrown down---it is up to you---surely you aren't going to let the Warden win at that are too smooth and too witty to let that you go girl!!Mama didn't raise no, Mama B

Anonymous said...

yeah, kill her with the high notes, er, i mean, kindness ;)


jillymae said...

oops, that was me --^