Tuesday, January 18, 2005

You mean I might have to Work all day?

Horror of all horrors! We had a little scare there yesterday afternoon, folks. I think our computer tech guy was installing some new software for the system here at work, or he put up a new firewall or something- but for a brief moment I had no internet access. None. Of course I still had my office email and thus access to the outside world, but the thoughts just began racing: no launchcast radio. No looking up sports scores. No googling. No yahoo mail. And worst of all- the straw that broke the camel’s back- No Blogging. (GASP). Yes, you read that correctly.

So what’s a girl to do? As I sent Rhonda an email in all caps in my panic, I tried to remain calm and wait it out, since I had received no company email detailing changes in our internet access abilities. But the thought crossed my mind: I might have to work for 8 solid hours with no breaks! That’s just cruel and unusual punishment, is what that is! The second thought that crossed my mind was, I have to find a new job NOW!! The third thought was, I wonder if Emily and Rhonda will be willing to get cable internet at home… and the thoughts kept on coming!

But dear and faithful readers, rest assured that as you read this, the internet is back up and running (although I have noticed a few changes- no pictures, and still no Launchcast radio :o( BUT I am grateful for the access that I have).

Quick movie review: Saw the Aviator yesterday. I’ll be honest: I have mixed emotions. It was a strange film. And I’m not sure if I classify it as strange because Howard Hughes was an eccentric man, and any movie depicting his life is going to be kooky- (all I can say is people, if you think I have OCD tendencies, well, this man just puts me to absolute shame) or if I thought it was strange because I just don’t "get" Scorsese’s directing. It was one of those films that ended and you sit there and go- what? (Oh REALLY???) it’s over? It can’t be over- there are all these loose ends they forgot to tie up! So I feel that I can’t make a fair judgement on the movie. I will say that Leonardo DiCaprio gave a great performance. To me he crossed over from being the pretty boy in Titanic to becoming a great and serious actor. His portrayal definitely drew you in as an audience member and made you feel for Howard Hughes the person, and Cate Blanchett was fantastic as well. I’ve never been completely sold on her, but this film changed that for me. She stole every scene that she was in. The Aviator was 3 hours of my life that I will never get back, but with all the hype with the Golden Globes and potential Oscar nominees, it was one I had to see.

Who else is excited that it’s Tuesday? Anything is better than Monday right?


Anonymous said...

i've been trying to decide whether or not to see the aviator, so now i may wait for video, however with our movie choices being how they are in comparison to one another, i'll probably love it. :) glad you've got access back. i'd hate to think of you without internet...the world as we know it would end i think.

Tadd said...

I really enjoyed the Aviator. It was very entertaining and I also thought it was interesting to learn about his life. I agree that Cate Blanchett was great, but then again she is one of my favorite actresses. I'm glad you got your internet up again.