Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year's

The girls, L to R: Danielle, Katie, Conley, Liz, Bradley, & Ari

"Wait. Don’t you pay up front?"

"I’m about to throw a crab rangoon at him."

"Napoleon, you know we can’t afford the fun pack"

"That’s AWEsooooome"

"Eloise, get a move on"

These are just a few quotes you may have missed, had you not been in Lexington for New Year’s. It was probably my best New Year’s eve ever (hey- that’s fun to say: eve ever!). I drove up after work Thursday and got into Lex around 10 o’clock (EST) where I joyfully met up with Conley (a fellow DIVA) and John (her boyfriend) at Applebees for Happy Hour. Shortly after, our friend Liz arrived with her boyfriend Mike that we had never met before, and her friend Kim (Possible), and then James and V (brothers) and their friend Henry (the naked Lex Tran guy) got there as well. Little did we know that Applebees closed at 11 that night instead of the usual 1 am that we were expecting. (What the???) So our server was as accommodating as he could be and I scarfed down my nachos as fast as I could. We left there and went over to James and V’s, the usual Lexington gathering hot spot. A few more people were added to the mix and I kid you not, but somehow we managed to stay up till 6am talking, laughing, and playing a game of 90s Trivial Pursuit. Thank goodness Conley was on my team because she has the memory of- well- I can’t think of a good analogy- but she remembers everything! She also taught us all a song to sing about James Earl Jones to the tune of 3 Blind Mice to keep the other team from using ESP and stealing the answer from you when you already know the answer to their question. Random I know, but I swear it really works!

We slept late that morning and got up around 12:30 and went and got our Rincan fix. It has the best cheese queso ever and was one of my favorite places to eat while at UK. After that we hit Fayette Mall (I forgot how terrible traffic is in Lexington) to look for a few random items that people needed for their New Year’s ‘fits. Stacia had us cracking up by modeling the most exquisite outfits she could find at Dillards. (see photo) Finally we made it back to the Grino’s in just enough time to get all gussied up for the evening. Our party of 12 had dinner reservations at the Mac Grill, and me, Conley and Ari were finally able to have our annual DIVA Christmas gift exchange. It was definitely a little bittersweet without Jocelyn there, but fun just the same.

After that we headed to Cheapside where V’s band was playing that night. We had a table up front reserved for us and so we were all able to be together and be close to the band to cheer V on. (Is their band still called Voodoo Symphony? Ari, do you know?) I of course looked great with Vivica in tow. She was a Smash Hit (one of those weird phrases that people should never say, but somehow it came out of my mouth in the wee hours of the morning) with everyone, and the matching gold shoes though they killed my feet, complimented her very well if I do say so myself. And I do. What can I say? I’m a slave for fashion! We all piled into cars and left Cheapside around 1:30 and headed back to James and V’s for the afterparty. I had really forgotten how much fun we all had together. I haven’t laughed so much in an entire weekend in I don’t know how long, but I guess when you get all those boisterous, extroverted, must-have-the-attention-on-me types all in the same room you’re bound to have a great time. Part of the fun of the weekend was slipping in Napoleon Dynamite quotes whenever we got a chance. If you have not seen this movie yet, go get it Nah-Yow. It’s an experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Bedtime that night? Who knows. It was late… Very late. People were sleeping all over the house, but by morning the congregating ground was the Living room where four of us were sleeping on air mattresses.

After watching the video of Liz snoring that Mike brought over and much discussion about where we were going to dine for lunch, we ended up at Number One China Buffet for our New Year’s Day feast. Not THE number one china buffet, but just "Numba Wan China Buffet." I sat next to Sammy, which was a real treat. He is our fizzity friend that has his own language and way of speaking that is hard not to imitate when you’re around him. For whatever reason, it irritated him more than everyone else that several servers came over to ask numerous times how many more people we had coming. What difference does it make, we wondered? It’s a buffet!

"I’m going to throw a crab rangoon at him," Sammy said at one point. Then our server really threw Sammy for a loop when he started taking our separate credit cards to pay the bill (this is after a huge ordeal with them over how we were each going to pay of course.) "Wait," Sammy said, "I thought you pay up front." Why this bothered him, I have no idea! I thought it was nice that they did that because there were so many of us. Nevertheless, Sammy stood his ground and while we were all leaving to get into our cars, there stood Sammy, in line to pay his bill!

There were so many more hilarious things that happened, but this is already a novel of a blog, and I really do have major work to catch up on. Let’s just sum it up by saying that 2005 started off with fierce games of air hockey, singing with friends, blowing the other Team out of the water in Taboo, watching and quoting, and most importantly, renewed friendships.

Hope yours was as amazing as mine. We here at the DIVA domain, (meaning me, myself, and I) would love a novel-of-a-comment to hear how you rang in the new year. Yes, you. Now get writing!


Anonymous said...

you already know how i spent my new years eve, so i don't need to repeat the things you just said. however, there is one thing i need to bring up: "queso cheese." fyi, they're the same thing. "why don't you pick up a saxophone. ~ari

Rhonda Lu said...

OH MY GOSH! Look at those 2 hotties on the right! Ya'll were smashing :) Or as we would say at Logan's....smashin'.

My New Year's Eve was spent at Tiiiiiiin Roof, rusted. (Hey, that should be a new synonym for "tipsy"....rusted. Only to be used when referring to Tin Roof though.) Emily and I went with 5 other friends. It was quite fun, however not sure I'd pay $20 to do it again. $3 is much better. It's funny how we sometimes cringe to pay that LOL No midnight kiss for me though - I gave Em a big smacker on the cheek however :)

I bought some shoes to go with the dress I was wearing and ended up not even wearing them. Bummer. I got a good deal though so I'm thinking of just keeping them. I didn't get to use my "New York purse" because it was too dressy for the locale. However, with the pressure of Vivica and Penelope, I'm feeling that she needs a name. Any suggestions?

Em....your turn. Let's hear about those sexyshoes and the manlipgloss. :)

MamaB said...

at least I know why you stayed an extra (extree) day--there is no way coming home for our annual New Year's Day dinner would have been as much fun as you had in Lexington!!!

LauraLee said...

Gimme some tots! No get your own, I'm freakin' starving I havent eaten anything today.

Amanda said...

"Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter."

"I see you're drinking 1%. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? 'Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to."

"It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. It's probably the best drawing I've ever done."

sorry- couldn't help myself! They just make me laugh.