Wednesday, January 19, 2005

some fun links

My friend Winn (Who? What? Winn!) piggybacked on Rhonda Lu's post about the song Hillbilly porn and put up a link so that you can hear the song. Well, I am not so computer-inclined that I know how to put the song link on my page, but I'll give you the next best thing. Click here to go to Winn's site and check the post from Jan 17, complete with a pic of "Musica" to hear the hilarious song. (Only Nashvillians will probably really get this)

Secondly, I have found a girl after my own heart! My friend Bethany's friend Trisha. She blogs on a regular basis like I do, and seems to have a similar writing style and body of content as the divadomain does. True, I have never met her, but we are kindred spirits I think! Check out her site, complete with Napoleon Dynamite references, for a bit of reading enjoyment.

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Tadd said...

Amanda, first I have to say that I am very impressed that MamaB made a comment on my blog. Second, I just realized that comment in French means "how". Of course you don't pronounce it the same way. Thirdly, I'll be in town this weekend so hopefully we can do something.