Friday, January 21, 2005

This One's an All-Skate

Hallelujah, it’s Friday. And the forecast shows another good weekend in store for the girls of the Penthouse. More out-of-town guests, a potential trip to Tootsie's and JJ's, a home Kentucky game, a newly Nashville-transplanted Kentuckian/UM resident (that’s ugly Massachusetts) (Welcome to FT, Holt!!) (Fat Tennessee) (These parenthetical references are making absolutely no sense to most of you, but I’m trying to keep you in the loop with all of the inside jokes thrown in here) (btw, isn’t parenthetical a great word? It just might have to go on the revised List of Favorite Words.), and a partridge in a pear tree.

So we’re in a random mood here at the divadomain headquarters, aka the Bone & Joint Clinic, so our CEO has decided to grace you with a plethora of blogworthy tidbits that I have been meaning to include in a post on here, but for one reason or another they have been pushed aside, shoved under a bed, and put in a corner until now (Nobody puts Bradley in a corner!). Because they’re just that good.

Momma B found this for me last week: It’s an article about a sheriff in Arizona who ordered hot pink handcuffs for his prisoners to deter people from stealing them. The handcuffs, not the prisoners. The picture is just priceless.

Dennis, our music minister, made reference to an All-Skate at choir rehearsal one night, ie "this one’s an all-skate, so everybody sing on the chorus." Used in context this is a great phrase we all need to bring back!

The rest are thanks to Ari:
A sign at Schlotsky’s Deli: "our prices have went up by 5%."
If you don’t understand why this is funny, we’re laughing at you and not with you.

A reference to hottie ER doctor Goran Visnjic as being a Euro-Clooney

And finally, the classic response to the person who says, "We was down at such-and-such the other day and..."
"Oh Was you?"


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out, bradley. and now i know what to get you for your birthday. if i had known that they come in pink you would have had them ages ago! hoo-ray for happiness on fridays. it doesn't get much better than this! ~ari

Amanda said...

too late- I've already ordered myself a pair.

Tadd said...

Amanda -Was you serious whenever you said that they had pink handcuffs? What AN hystorical story! I leave you with jut one thought: cold cuts

Audrey said...

If JJ's refers to Noshville's next-door neighbor, it's one of my fave chill spots. If it's something else, I'm sure you'll still have fun! Side-note: I love that you not only appreciate good grammar and an age-appropriate vocabulary, but also that you consistently use both. :)