Monday, January 17, 2005

Tim, Wildcats, & get-togethers: what could be better?

What an amazing weekend! It would have been perfect if I had not somehow contracted the Black Lung from Rhonda (he he) but oh well. My weekend began at 3pm on Friday afternoon when I left work early in order to do a few last-minute errands before my friend Greg got into town. One sun-shiney hour later, my office email pen-pal-of-sorts arrived at the Penthouse. He, Rhonda, and I went to an early dinner where Emily met us shortly after. I coined the phrase “I’ve got sticky on my fingers,” and we girls explained to Greg the plight of dressing to go out in the winter over our respective dinners (ie. You don’t want to drag a bulky coat wherever you go, but then you don’t want to freeze walking from the car to wherever you are going, and plus it’s usually hot inside the bar or club or whatever, so what’s a savvy dresser to do?). I ran to my first Pirates meeting soon after where I received my score, this week’s rehearsal, and a cd of the operatta, and got back asap so that Greg and I could meet Rhonda Lu, Laurie, Ryan, and Emmy Sue down at the Gaylord Focker Entertainment Center to see none other than Mr. Hotness himself, Tim McGraw.

Now it’s funny: whenever anyone has asked me how the concert was, I respond with an enthusiastic “It was great!” before pausing to think about what was so great about it. True, Tim looked hot in his tight T-shirt and jeans. But he forgot the words to several of his songs: not so great. He had incredible energy, and charisma with the crowd: great. Vocally however, he sounded scratchy and tired; also not so great. The sound also wasn’t very good inside the GFEC making it hard to understand our Real Good Man sometimes.

Q: So how then can I possibly categorize the concert as being great?
A: Because there are some things like an on-stage persona and the ability to pull a crowd into a show that just can’t be taught.

Roger said it best in his blog when he made the comment that Tim’s show was great just because he is Tim McGraw, and I agree. Tim could have performed nursery rhymes and I think the crowd still would have screamed and sang along with every word! Him closing with Real Good Man/The Ride in a Nashville Kats jersey was just the icing on the cake. After the show we randomly ran into Jean and Tabitha on the sidewalk and drug them along with us to the world famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. I think everyone else who had been at the Tim McGraw concert had the same idea we did, so the upper room got packed out fast. No matter though, we pushed ourselves to the front and sang along to Jared Ashley as usual.

5:30 am came early Saturday morning, but some things are more important than sleep. And one of those things is UK basketball. Greg and I left the Penthouse at 6am and got back a little before 8pm that night after having watched the Cats pose a76-55 victory over the Georgia Bulldogs. It was a fun game to watch, and I have pictures coming. I just might even have one of a certain Duke fan wearing Kentucky Blue.

Saturday night was spent watching football and then (Finally, after months of anticipation…) Garden State with the roomies and Brad Johnson. This is quite possibly in my top 3 movies of 2004 to see. I would hate to make a bold statement such as that only to have to retract it because I forgot about another gem of a film, but in any case, it definitely breaks into my Top 5 of the year. Zach Braff’s screenplay was very true to life, while maintaining a very tongue-in-cheek view of life in Jersey. And does anyone know offhand the significance of the color orange in this movie? I plan on watching it again before returning Laura’s DVD to her to see if I can figure it out on my own, but if you pay attention, there is orange everywhere!!

Sunday was spent checking off things on my To-Do list, watching football (poor Peyton!) and beginning to learn my Pirates score. It felt good to actually vocalize and sing some after not having done so in absolutely forever. The role of Mabel is going to be so much fun to sing- I can already tell. Finally we gals had a few friends over to watch the Golden Globes where we ate pizza and made catty remarks about ladies’ dresses. By the way, Finding Neverland got Robbed. But I’m going to see the Aviator today so I’ll give you my humble opinion tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Amanda, do me a huge favor and please post the pictures as soon as possible of the "certain" Duke fan wearing the REAL blue in college basketball!! One day, he will wise up like his older cuz, and just admit UK is the best team in college basketball. True story

Anonymous said...

As I recall the picture does not show the writing on the blue shirt. If this is true, we will leave it as a plain BLUE shirt. The real BLUE shirt was worn on the way to Athens but had to be left in the jeep, because it would have made all the UK fans very upset...... Yes I'm talking about the DUKE hoodie! Next road trip North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

a comment on the comment: any blue shirt is suseptible to being a UK shirt. learn it, know it, love it and live will be a lot easier for you. anyway, as for tim sounding scratchy, it's probably b/c country music bites, but that's just me. i'll concur on garden state in that it's one of my new fav's. i want to see it again b/c i know i've missed a ton of stuff. the only thing that i didn't love was the ending. that never happens. anyway, glad you had a wonderful weekend and i can't wait to give you your present from the big lex-town. ~ari

Amanda said...

ooh! A present??? How exciting! And to what do I owe this honor, praytell?

Anonymous said...

just b/c i'm that cool. that's all. ~ari