Wednesday, January 05, 2005

insert bracket A into panel Q...

Women everywhere unite! We can and will put together our own furniture, even if it means we have to follow the horrific instructions and diagrams written apparently by men.

Em and I had a roommate bonding moment last night when she wandered into the Pink Palace (aka my bedroom) where I was obviously frustrated by several pieces of wood and screws all over the floor. I was attempting to put together this little storage dresser that I got for Christmas and was second guessing myself on the construction of it. The directions, of course, made no sense at all, and I was in the process of undoing an entire step when Emmy Sue stepped in without me even having to ask and began to reason with the diagram. The last thing I wanted to do was assemble the dresser and be at the second to last step, only to come to the horrible realization that I had put on the sides backwards or something. So Em and I had an intelligent conversation about finished edges of wood, and which direction the drawer slides should be, and plastic screw covers. I just happen to have 2 hammers so we were able to tagteam the hammering duties (I only hit my finger twice I think- and it sent a piece of chipped nail polish flying- very funny actually, though very stereotypical-girl I realize). Rhonda Lu wandered in a few minutes into this and proceeded to snap pictures of our building endeavor and flip through my current issue of InStyle magazine (also very stereotypical-girl). There's just something empowering about using tools though, and the overall sense of completion once the project was done.

There was only one real scare, and that happened when a dowel got inserted into the wrong place. Em and I both fiddled with the pliers and tweezers (what else?) for several minutes before the darn thing finally came loose. It was an amusingly triumphant moment though when I lifted the pliers into the hair gripping the tiny dowel. Seriously though, Emily decided that the instructions must have been written by a man because they were so darn confusing, and combined several steps into one numbered step. Plus it didn't help that the instructions were in like, 3 different languages, so it made it hard to keep track of which ones you were following. I did decide that a new favorite word of mine is Cam though. They're those round little things that you use to build storage dressers. I don't know if all cams' functions are to tighten things, but these little guys' job were to tighten the drawers together. On a plangent (which is a planned tangent, you will remember) Ari and I decided yesterday that one of our least favorite words is luncheon. I think it's time to update the List at some point, but just keep those words in the back of your mind. Cam and luncheon.

The next step: trying to organize exactly what is to go in the newly put-together storage dresser!

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