Thursday, January 20, 2005

a Nashvillian for life

"Did you know that dogs and bees can smell beer?"

No, not really- that was just a misunderstood quote from Jerry Maguire.

The thermometer reads a pleasant 52 degrees on this gorgeous January afternoon , reminding me how much I love living in Tennessee! I always said growing up that I would someday move to New York City because I fell in love with the city after visiting at age 11, but now that possibility seems further and further from reality. Why would I ever leave Nashville? It's a great city, with so many nooks and crannies that I am still discovering (Was there really life before discovering Chitown and Tootsies?). My family is here. My history is here. I can be a UT fan during football season, and a Kentucky fan during basketball season (and have plenty of others nearby to cheer the Cats along with me). I can go back and forth between being a city girl and a country girl whenever the mood strikes me. I can wear short sleeves in the winter, and flip flops for the majority of the year. True, it doesn't snow that often, but when it does, the whole state shuts down and makes a major event of it, making it more special I think. I love how genuinely nice people are, and hearing phrases like "well bless his heart." I am grateful that God is someone who is talked about often and people don't give you a weird look if you ask them where they go to church. The hills and landscape are beautiful. The city of Nashville has so much personality that it will always be home to me no matter where life takes me. Nothing felt better than making that trip back from Lexington and coming over the hill on I-65 and seeing the Nashville skyline in the distance. I could breathe a contented sigh and say to myself, "I'm finally home." Admitedly, I am not a person who likes change (heck, I had tears streaming down my face at my highschool graduation- I thought life could not get any better than Brentwood High! Ha!), but just like the Chicken O'Tenders at O'Charley's (the OC for those in the know) why would you want to change a good thing?


Tadd said...

I agree that there is just no place like Nashville. After living in Knoxville for a semester I have begun to see how it just doesn't compare. Bless your heart, you're just meant to live in Nashville.

Anonymous said...

i think i'm gonna throw up. ~ari ;P

Audrey said...

The city girl-country girl choice is a great point. Nothing beats the Nashville scene (not Scene, just scene)!

Billogna said...

I decided I'd grace your blog with a few glances from my very nearsighted eyes. make some wonderful points about Nashville. It's just a great place. The area is diverse, yet simple, and just pleasant. I second what Tadd said about after living in Knoxville, Nashville's cool points went way up. Anway...kudos to you on your love for Nashville. I think more people should have such a deep love for their homes.


MamaB said...

I am glad you like your home and hope you alway feel that way. I think Nashville is a great place myself--a great place to live, to raise a family, to grow old in--nice people, plenty to do, the weather is great most of the time and if it isn't..just wait a minute and it will change again. Glad we (your dad and I) moved here back in l974...a very wise choice!!! Love, Mama B