Monday, January 24, 2005

Just call me Kevin Nealon

Except that this isn't really a Weekend Update. It's more of a Random Thoughts kind of entry. I will let Amanda post the Complete Weekend Update, as it was more exciting for her than it was for Emily and me. First of all I'm feeling mad at myself because I spent too much money this weekend. I will share with you all my new motivation for saving. I realized how much I love to see my bank account roll past the next dollar "milestone" (Example: checking your balance and seeing you now have $3,001.00) Your milestone may be the next thousand, or next $500, or just the next hundred. It's a great motivation because when you do pass the next milestone you HATE to see the account fall back into where it used to be. Then you've got to re-do the milestone again. Just don't celebrate crossing milestones by doing something that requires spending money! (Which basically means you can't do anything, but I digress.)

Amanda, Emily, and I are fun-loving gals who like to try new things in this fabulous city we live in. We are constantly saying "We should go there," or "We should try that." So, being the geniuses that we are (minus me), we created "The Lists" and proudly displayed them in the kitchen. Currently we have the "Things to Do" list and the "Places to Eat" list. We desperately need to create the "Movies to See" list but we've been too lazy. One of the rules about The Lists is that you have to use the red pen - oh and I have to write it because it's already in my handwriting. (I won the Penthouse Penmanship Award.) This weekend we were able to cross off Rosepepper Cantina, where we went to eat Saturday night. It was well worth it and I was a happy girl!!! If any of you Nashvillians reading along have suggestions for The List, please share :)

Two of the items I bought this weekend while spending too much money were a new pair of pants and a new pair of shoes. I am super excited about the shoes and had to wear them to church yesteday even though it was 28 and there was snow on the ground. They are sassy and pretty un-Rhondaish actually! Today I am wearing the pants to work (along with other items of clothing.) They are black with pink and white pinstripes and guess what - they have pink lining inside! Oh gosh I sound like Amanda!!!!!!! And yes I'm wearing a pink shirt to (hopefully) accentuate the pink pinstripes. You'd be proud, Roomie.

OK peace out. stay classy.


Amanda said...

Hooray for the color pink!! You know I love it when my exquisite taste can rub off on others. Well done, Grasshopper. :o)

Anonymous said...

all i want to say is: E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

do you remember when mom and i got lost on buchanan street? its the worst street in nashville for crime.
it was scary and it was your fault because we were waiting for you to get done with ncc.