Monday, January 24, 2005

The Weekend, part 1

A trip to remember

No black lung disease is going to keep this DIVA down, no sir! The weekend was full of activities that have left your president of the DIVA Domain a little worn out this a.m. (and btw, I’m not only the president, I’m also a client.) But never fear, I have plenty of exciting stories and memories to share that will perk you up this Monday morning, or at least help you kill 2 or 3 minutes out of your day.

First of all, please welcome our newest Nashvillian, Miss Amanda Joan-Wade Holt. Amanda is a fellow DZ/UK grad and has made the big move to Nashvegas because she simply couldn’t stand to be away from me for any longer. She’s a sagitarius who likes tall, dark handsome men, and long walks on the beach. Emmy Sue and I headed downtown Friday night to the oh-so-trendy Virago to meet up with Amanda and her new roommate Susan (who also just happens to be a fellow Brentwood High graduate), followed by Rhonda and Laurie, who joined us after their previous engagement at the Bluebird. The six of us stood at a table in the center of the room with 3 other fellows who were also sharing the table, and we all were entertained by the awful 80s videos playing on the giant screen in the front of the restaurant. But how often is it that one sees Michael Jackson’s "Beat it" or the "Humpty Dance" video? Random for sure, but a conversation starter if there ever was one.

In case you’re keeping up with it (and all of you should be) the Cats defeated LSU on Saturday by 31 points, so I was a happy girl. I would have been happier had I had 2 certain young men in town in time to watch the game with me, but they were too busy doing laundry and playing poker till all hours of the night to get on the road in time. So sucks for them, they got to listen to the game on the radio. After much anticipation however, James and Dion finally made their grand arrival at the Penthouse, apparently driving through a freak snow storm in Kentucky and Tennessee to get here. And believe it or not, my directions were so good that they only got turned around once! (It’s sad but true, but people who have lived in Nashville for under a year know their way around better than I do. I am just terrible with directions. Remember this fact, because it plays an important role later in the story.) Hugs abounding and introductions made, we all watched the end of the Tennessee-Louisville game followed by Office Space (yeeeeaaaahhhh, that'd be Greeaaat). If you’ve never heard Rhonda do her Milton impersonation you’re missing out.

Next the great debate begins. Where to eat? We want to take James and Dion someplace fun, so Emily suggested that we go to Rosepepper Cantina because it’s on our list of places to eat (Rhonda, Emily, and myself have created two lists, FYI. One of "things to do" in Nashville", ie. Go to the Grand Ole Opry, and the other list consists of places we want to eat in Nashville).
Me: But Rosepepper’s all the way in East Nashville.
Emily: But it’s not that far from downtown.
Me: (reluctantly) ok.
And Emily was right, it wasn’t far from downtown, making it convenient to get to the clubs, but it was the getting there in the first place that proved to be so difficult. Emily and I had both been there before but I know at least I had gotten there a different way than the way Emily was trying to go. You can guess where this is going. We got lost in East Nashville. Not the worst part of town by any means, but not the best either. Blame the faulty directions from Em’s friend Karla, but we ended up having to pull into a gas station where Em and I proceeded to fire away on our cell phones and try to track down directions to this restaurant. What followed was nothing short of comedy.
Emily: Dad, can you look in the phonebook and tell me where Rosepepper Cantina is?
Me: (leaving a message on Heather’s phone) Heather, we’re lost in your old ‘hood. I need help. Call me if you get this soon.
Emily: (on her phone) so Woodland turns into Gallatin road?
Me: (dialing the parentals…) hey- I need you to get online and tell me where this restaurant is.
Several seconds pass…

Mom, on one phone: What’s the name of the place?
Dad, on another phone: What are you doing in East Nashville?
Mom: I’m not seeing it. How do you spell it?
Dad: Was this your idea to go down there?
Mom: Is that one word or two?
Dad: well don’t stop anywhere. You know that’s not the best part of town.
Me: Yes, thanks for that, tell me something I don’t know!
Dad: well if it were me, I’d be finding someplace else to eat.
Me: Grrrr!!!!
meanwhile… Emily calls her friend Houston (we have a problem) and gets more faulty directions (what is it with faulty directions? Twice in one night? Oh REALLY??)
To make a long story short (too late) we found the place, had a lovely dinner, and managed to get back across the river without any trouble.


Rhonda Lu said...

HAHAHA! Fabulous verbatim phone conversation of us trying to find the restaurant. "Houston, we have a problem. We're lost in east Nashville."

Is that bacon bits on the cheese queso??

emilyb said...

Point of was Rhonda Lu's idea to go to Rosepepper Cantina, and I didn't know you weren't crazy about going until we were already in East Nashville. What is up with my getting blamed for things I don't say and not getting credit for things I do say?! :)

Tadd said...

Amanda! You won't believe this, but Mrs. Copeland-Collins hit my new car! She didn't even tell me about it. I had to confront her back stage at "Swan Apes on Ice" to get AN confession from her. I was so mad at her, but you should see her triple sow cow! I think she has been getting some extra help from Kristi Yamaguchi.